December 28, 2010

Quinn - hostess extordinaire

So for Brock's 1 year old birthday, we had 8 kids over, Brock being the youngest, and 6 being the oldest. Quinn happily entertained them all with hide-n-seek, singing in the microphone, and just all around sharing, running, and playing.

She certainly got the hosting gene.... passed from her great-grandmother, through her grandmother, father, and now to her.

December 25, 2010

Chocolate beet cake

Successful Xmas dinner with plenty of hidden veggies... including sweet potato biscuits and chocolate beet cake ( hugely successful, both in terms of taste (tasted like normal chocolate cake), and consumption

Volunteer Houston

Quinn has joined the ranks of Houston Volunteers. She joined me today - Christmas 2010 -to visit Brighton House Retirement Home with other holiday cheer givers. She helped pass out Christmas cards and cookies . Oh, well - she ate some of the cookies but she did pass out the cards. :-) She blew bubbles, jingled bells and my keys to Jingle Bells. She even gave one woman a hug before we left. She made the choice to not be shy so she interacted with everyone. What a cutie patootie. Everyone loved her! And she said she'd do it again next year.

December 11, 2010

Days of the week

Quinn has been practing her days of the week by looking at a calendar. We looked up everyones birthday and then figured out what day of the week it was

Miracles for the Holidays

So after nearly an hour of after school play... And rapidly melting down from hunger... We attempted going to Joes Crab Shack, fully expecting total failure.

Not sure if it was the staff dancin to car wash, the playground, or the immediate water crackers.... But we sucessfully ate 1.5 fish fingers (wow) and a whole thing of applesauce.

Miracles do happen :)

December 08, 2010

Willbury versus Millbury

So the street near us is Millbury, yet Quinn is convinced that part of the street is Willbury.

We were standing at the intersection of millbury and breaswood and I asked Quinn where was Willbury... Where was the "W"- hoping that she'd conceed that it wad indeed Millbury.

"Right there in the middle".... Which is true, right in the middle of Breaswood is a "w"

So I told her she was right, it must still be Willbury.

I was in shock..., I didn't expect to lose this one.

December 07, 2010

Mommy and school days

When I brought Quinn home from school on Monday- Pam was not home, having stayed late at work to finish her final. Quinn says, "where's mommy? She should be home. She doesn't have school tonight.". Pam's classes are on Tuesday an thursday. She's so observant!

December 01, 2010

Quinn's Fall 2010 Progress Report

Quinn seems to have adjusted to our classroom very easily! She enjoys being with her friends. She has a wonderful imagination and shares her ideas with her friends.

At times, Quinn becomes very verbal and begins to tell her friends what to do. We remind her that she is not the teacher; she then is able to redirect her thoughts and ideas.

Quinn is very enthusiastic as she participates in music and creative play, as well as, circle time conversation.

We are enjoying having Quinn in our classroom and look forward to a terrific year.

November 28, 2010

Ahhh Crap

Tia Mandy said "Bummer" the other day... Quinn asked what it meant. Mandy explained that it means that something didn't go as expected. Quinn says "Like Oh Crap!. That's what daddy says"

Upside down accomplishments

So today at the playground, Quinn, all by herself, hung upside down on the monkey bars.

She was able to get in position, lock her feet on the bar, and hang outside down. Then she was able to recover - after some practice, and get back up.

This is a pretty big muscular accomplishment.

November 27, 2010

Potty Time

Quinn, who has been potty trained for nearly a year, insists on watching "Potty time with Elmo," one of the DVD's we used when we were training her. She said that Sara Doll, her baby doll toy, is potty training and "has been wearing panties for TWO DAYS!"

November 22, 2010

Yawning Day

Quinn proclaimed that today was a "yawning day" as everyone was yawning this morning.

November 13, 2010

Movie night

Drat, Quinn woke up in the middle of our movie night.

Princesses on ice

Another show today... Princesses on ice - totally
Different experience.... Quinn was still good, but you wouldn't notice if she wasn't.... It was a huge arena with tons of kids.

November 11, 2010

Scream endurance

1.5 hours of "I want a fruit snack" screaming from 10pm to midnight. Finally, accepted cantalope
as a substitute.

November 07, 2010

Rave revues!!!!

The intentional play on words is because we just attended our first successful inside show with Quinn. (There was a previous failed attempt). She sat through both acts of "The Marvelous Wonderettes" at Stages. This was the 3pm matinee. I'm so proud of her!!!! Especially because her behavior before we left was quite foreboding.

If this is ever used for review: wisper voices only. If you are loud, cry or whine you have to leave and can't come back. It is going to get very dark and then when the lights come on, it will be loud. We can only sit in the seats that match the tickets. Also, preview most of the acts on YouTube so the kid is ready


Quinn's painting today was entitled "Alliston Wonderland" as opposed to "Alice in Wonderland".... Wait.... Could this be a future roller derby name?

November 04, 2010


Ack, it was so hard going on this trip without the kids.... But what a great experience walking casually onto the plane unencumbered.

October 31, 2010


Not sure what Quinn likes more: the door to door candy solicitation or actually handing out the goods to the kids who come to the door

October 19, 2010

Wonderful evening

There was Associates Night at Weiss college tonight, and Quinn and I went while Pam was at class. Quinn to GREAT! She was very appropriate all through dinner. Ate all of her sausage (bratwurst) and even got to have some ice cream. She enjoyed the German band, and even danced to a couple of polkas. It took her a long time to warm up to the partner folk dancing part (slap your legs, clap your hands, paddy-cake with partner stuff).

Then we jumped on the trampoline and went off to dance class. Quinn sat very quietly drinking a chai freeze and playing iphone games for at least 25 minutes before even attempting to bother us. Then, as instructed, she waited for the music to start before coming to talk to us. Around 9:15 (45 minutes after bedtime) she was more and more needy, but overall - I think we can call it a successful night of teaching with Quinn there.

Yeah! There is hope!

October 18, 2010

Ren fest 2010

Had a great time. Quinn loved the bungee trampoline, the elephant rides and trying to wear Adrian's (a class friend) purple fairy wings (here year old pink ones were clearly inferior).

I was really proud of her when she went up to one particularly well dresses fairy (actually we think it was a guy) and complimented her wings. She replied in sign language. So I told Quinn to ask for "dragon tears" (the gift then fairies give --come on people, catch up here :)) in sign language. She used her please and thank you in sign. The fairy was impressed and gave her a necklace. :)

I did have to teach her a lesson about teasing. Adrian was done with the wings for a moment, and Quinn went to put them on. Adrian would gave cared less, except for Quinn saying "I have the purple wings now" to Adrian... So I made her take them off and give them back to her. Lots of necessary crying ensued.

I also particularly like that she loved to dance to all of the music. Esp when there were belly dancers or gypsies... She would try to copy them.

October 16, 2010

Sisterly manners

"PLEASE GO AWAY!" said Quinn to Brock. I think that is a promising sign.

October 11, 2010


After tonight's bath, we twisted and curled quinn's hair... Hopefully this makes tomorrow morning for picture day easier

Argh... Food battles

Made a dinner with ham, bacon rice, and easily extractable black eyed peas.

Quinn was screaming that she didn't want it even before she saw it or even heard about it. Major meltdown.

I made sure to segregate her food and while still crying, she ate all of the ham and bacon and most of the rice....

This phase is so frustrating... I can't wait for her to realize that I choose foods that I think that she'll eat.

October 08, 2010


Picnic, playgrounds and free outdoor movie.... What a fantastic Friday night... Plus the movie was kinda dim and hard to see and sitting next to our best friend Collin, made for a very non-scary movie. Yea!

October 04, 2010

First? Deliborate disobeying

I told Quinn not to go into the womans restroom because I couldn't go with her... But there was nobody in the men's... And I could wait outside... She said no and ran into the womens...

When she came out, I told her , as a consequence, that she was going to ask for something and I would say no... No ice cream tonight (although it would have been a remote possibility anyways :)

September 30, 2010

10Q joke

Taught Quinn the 10Q joke... She is having alot of fun with it... But she will just go up to people without introduction and say 1Q... We usually need to jump in and prompt them to say 2Q.

But she still gets a good laugh when she gets to say your welcome at the end.

September 25, 2010

Are you the kid?

Quinn to Tia Mandy: "Who is your mom?"
"are you the kid?!"
"yes way," said Mandy

Downside of ignorance

Who knew that the day we'd decide to go to the museum would be musuem district day?! Hundreds of people! The line for the Children's museum was around two corners of the building.... Luckily daddy found a short face painting line in the health museum, and there was peace throughout the land :)

September 20, 2010

Problem solving

We were at a restaurant that had a placemat with pictures, mazes and games. One of the games was a word search - to her, lots of letters to look for. She couldn't find a Q. So she put the stick on the O. Then she had her Q. :-)


I took Quinn to Children's Services for Yom Kippur. We were there a little early. She asked if the robot was there yet. Robot? I finally figured it out - she meant Rabbi. :-) In the special children's book the Rabbi pointed out the picture of kids in the sandbox. He asked what they were doing and she shouted out "sharing." From all the way in the back row. She did that with several more questions. I loved that she was so engaged with what was happening that she actively participated.

September 19, 2010

some days are just hysterical

And by hysterical, I mean the so upset that I wish I could slap some sense into her.

Quinn helped make muffins today.... she wanted to change the recipe and add strawberries on the top... I don't like strawberries so I specifically asked that she leave some plain for me, but she decided that I could pick them off.

We make the muffins, she goes down for a nap, when she wakes up (still a little tired), she comes out to have a muffin... and just throws an all out fit that there are strawberries in it. (and that they are too big... even though she made them.


September 06, 2010

Restaurant appropriateness

Apparently I can let the rules slide for some good negotiation. Tonight at dinner.... I told Quinn that I'd let her lay down in the booth if she had some of the spinach salad that we ordered. She ate 3 leaves, and enjoyed her time lying on the bench.

Who cares about a kid lying on the bench... she ate something green... and it was spinach, one of the best greens out there. And she came back for more.

Record setting day. (I wonder if all parents have a record day when their kid voluntarily eats something healthy?)

Anyways, the streak was ruined when one of the leaves had a little bit of dressing on it and she spit it out. C'est la vie. She at least at three.

Yes celery

I think Quinn was trying to say "yes sir-ee", but she heard and repeated "yes celery"

September 05, 2010

Scared or brilliant?

If Quinn doesn't want to be in the inflatable run while it is being inflatated, I first thought she was scared of it... Then everyone got off and she was the first in line and on it by herself...then I thought she was brilliant.... and a Shefman

September 04, 2010


Mommy said something wrong, and Quinn said it was a "mommystake" not a mistake. This is in reference to Morris the Moose book, where he makes a "moosestake"

August 30, 2010

Feminine Hygiene

Quinn was pretending that an empty open band-aid package was feminie hygiene this morning. Oh Vay.

August 27, 2010

Chinese acrobats

I ventured out to a show by myself with the two kids... Met up with Quinn's friend Colin. Don't know how much the watched the show, but they were doing a pretty good job of renacting what was going on on stage with the running around and tackling each other and winding up in a prezel.

August 22, 2010

Hot air gymnastics

Quinn and Harrison were doing an airplane show and Kyle was talking about hot air balloons, while Kristen and I were having a side conversation about the "red hot" gymnastics class. She merged them together saying that she doesn't want hot air gymnastics... Who could blame her:)

August 20, 2010


Quinn decided to cut some of her own hair today... Fortunately it was a small amount in front which resulted in some bangs.

August 16, 2010

Childs's perspective of tine

"When do you want to do that?"
"When is later?"

August 15, 2010

Lunch with 2

I went out to lunch with myself and the two kids... Wow is that challenging. Fortunately pat joined me (a little late) but was enough of a 2nd hand to make it work.

Although as I'm changing Brock's diaper, I was VERY thankful I didn't have to spend 1/2 hour convincing Quinn to come into the bathroom with me so I could do it.

Pat also had the experience of trying to eat with a grabby baby in his lap. I think it was a good learning moment for him


I introduced Quinn to smoothies today. She loved it.

August 08, 2010

I have no response to that

Uh, Quinn just bit her own boobie... Then she laughed....
I don't know how to respond?

August 07, 2010

Unmentioned problem with moving

A stressful thing about moving that nobody mentions, is that all of the anti-kid stuff that was high on a shelf, ends up in accessible box on the floor...

Recent thing discovered:
Anicent eygpt sex position playing cards
Bag full of large glass marbles
Toys that were meant for rainy days

Fish Quinn

Been in the pool everyday this week. Quinn is touching the bottom with her hands and feet.... Floating....jumping in and swimming across the pool.... She loves the water.

August 05, 2010


Quinn is doing fantastic at the pool. Coach said she can even move to a four year old class. While in the pool tonight daddy even got a couple of laps in- yeah for modicums of exercise.

Zoe enjoyed chasing us around the pool too.

August 04, 2010


Nothing says tired like three times in the pool in one day.

New room hiding places

We moved. Quinn is excited by her new room. There are at least 7 places to hide: 2 closets, a storage bench, a under a couple of tables or the desk, and under the bed... She's loving it.

July 31, 2010


Says Quinn: "Jello (without fruit) just floats in my mouth. "

July 27, 2010

Modeling Child thought

Modeling the way a child thinks

var parentsResponse = "no"
var wishlist = ["fruit snacks","drink yogurt", "goldfish", "ceral bars"]

for each item in wishlist

repeat random(50)
{ ask ("Can I have " + item)}

Notice that parentsResponse doesn't change

July 24, 2010

Playdate with Colin

Whew-ee lots of running and jumping with Colin tonight. I hope she sleeps in

Everything 3

Now that she is three, Quinn wants 3% milk

July 19, 2010

Measurement report

Height: 37.25 in
Weight: 30lb 8oz

July 18, 2010

The consequence for hosting a 3 year old birthday party in our house...

is a house full of mosquitos....

3rd bday

Quinn had a great third birthday party. There was build your own muffins, there was plant your own seeds, there was create your own mayhem. Everyone had a good time

Swimming in the lake

Quinn's first time to swim in the lake off the boat happened today

July 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

First thing this morning, because it was her birthday, and because Quinn earned 50 stars (every 10 stars is 2 toes) on her start chart... we got to paint our toenails pink this morning. Everybody got painted toenails, including daddy

July 11, 2010

Best practices before engaging

If you have spent all day the zoo, you are sticky from sunscreen and facing a no-nap taking devil, take a shower first for yourself before putting the kids down.... It might delay there bedtime, and make one parent grumpy, but will give the other parent the tools to remain calm and get the job done.

How is a kid like a genie

You have to be very careful what you ask for. They are very tricky and will give you what you asked for, not what you intended...

Case in point, one of the items on her star chart is trying new food... So this morning at breakfast, she excitedly saw the donuts with sprinkles, and said "I want to try that as my new food today!!"

Damn, that's not what we ment!

July 09, 2010


Thanks to our older cousins, samantha 8, Molly & Emily 8, Logan 7, and a couple of friends Quinn is officially overstimulated... She had to come out and take a break... Wow

July 05, 2010


Quinn's first lost experience happened this weekend. I was going to the bathroom and Quinn wanted to follow me, but she didn't tell anyone. The ladies restroom was out of order, but the men's wasn't. So Quinn thought that I went to the far away restroom, when I actually went to the close one... And she got trapped inside the men's restroom. Kinda freaked her out a little bit.

July 04, 2010

First enjoyable fireworks

The fireworks that were over a mile away were very much enjoyed by Quinn who could barely even hear them.

platform dancing

So this two story playhouse that we've built for Quinn has now become a stage for her to boogie... it started with Shaggy's "Shake Shake Shake", and then proceeded to be a whole slew of interpretives dances after that.

giant erector set

So we got a build your own playground kit for Quinn and had a "mansion" assembled for her this morning.

"" was all Quinn said this morning.

June 30, 2010

Bummed out

So we are at a going away party that the neighbors threw... and Quinn was appropriately shy around all of the older friends saying hi to her.... BUT she was shy, hanging on KYLE's pant legs, not DADDY's.

What a bum deal that is.

June 28, 2010

First sleep over

Caroline and Quinn stayed in the same room at the lake this weekend. It was actually quite interesting. For the first time ever, Quinn kicked me out of the room while I was putting her to sleep.

Furthermore, she waited until 7:30 before getting out of bed because she was waiting for Caroline.

Dolphin swim

All this time we were standing too close.... Quinn is a great swimmer... she was jumping in a and swimming several feet to us. She even did a dolphin swim, which is kinda like the butterfly stroke without the arms.

Quinn ended up diving quite deep... it was pretty cool

Ski trainer

We gave Quinn her birthday present this weekend. It is a ski trainer... what that means is that is is "skis" that have an inflatable peice around it which makes it look more like a jet ski. It has a handle and foot slots so she could stand if she wanted to. We took it to the island and let her ride it... she loved it (she didn't particularly care for the sand / mud at the island though).

She even told Caroline that she (Quinn) would teach her to ski when she was three. :)

June 23, 2010

Not Feeling well

Quinn had a fever last night and threw up at 4am... rough night all around. I think it is a 24 hour bug that is going around.

June 18, 2010

Soccer, trees, and wolves

So I was playing soccer with Quinn yesterday and managed to get a soccer ball stuck in a tree. After much rock throwing, I told Quinn we'd have to wait for rain or a strong wind for the ball to come down. Quinn suggested
that we call the big bad wolf to huff and puff to blow the ball down. We DID call him but he wasn't able to come :) we did have a nice conversation about pigs though.

June 12, 2010


While we did the canopy tour, quinn swam for four hours... Then took a four hour nap.

I hope she actually goes back to sleep tonight

June 11, 2010

Bony treats

Score one for dad. Cheese strips with steak rolled into it, look like the snacks we feed to Zoe and Quinn ate it up.


Scared of the beach

So after taking Quinn to the beach. She is now afraid of waves,crabs, bugs, and mommy kayaking. We'll have to work on this tomorrow in the sun

Beach playing

Played on the private beach in Costa Rica... Quinn is still afraid of the waves by herself, but she loves hanging out in arms

June 10, 2010

We're here

Just as the plane to Costa Rica landed Quinn loudly proclaimed "we're here"... The whole plane cheered and laughed.

June 07, 2010

Kiddie Park in San Antonio

WOW, Kiddie Park in San Antonio is fantastic for toddlers... a dozen rides that are designed just for them. There was a crank train, horse and carriage, a small ferris wheel, a bus, and boats. Plus it is all tree covered and pretty well priced.

The kids can ride and the adults actually get a chance to hang out. It was great!

Living in an egocentric world

So Quinn,Brock and I went to the San Antonio zoo by ourselves today. It wasn't horrible, but we certainly had issues.... like the fact that when Brock started to get hungry, Quinn had to pee... no problem - let's delay Brock a little bit.

Then we got some chicken nuggets and that was going to occupy Quinn while I fed Brock. No sooner then I started feeding Brock the bananas, Quinn says she has to go poop. I asked Quinn if she say any problem with me going to the bathroom with her at this time... she didn't. (even though Brock would SCREAM when I didn't feed him fast enough).

I delayed her a little bit, and was in the middle of giving Brock his milk and she said she had to poop again... so this time we all go to the potty. Brock is SCREAMING again, probably from the A/C -> hot outside -> dark bathroom transitions.... Nothing like a screaming baby in a closed in bathroom.

Quinn doesn't poop.

We head back to the restaurant and quinn is way done eating, but Brock still has a fair amount to go. Quinn starts saying lets go and running around the restaurant.

UGh, it is very frusturating when Quinn's whole view of the world is her and not how inconvienent her current needs are.

June 06, 2010

Road trip

I love Texas rest areas... They have play grounds.

New milestone

Quinn is able to get out of the child safety latch on her car seat... We've entered a new era.

June 05, 2010

Accordian kings

Went to an outdoor concert at Miller tonight. Quinn certainly loves to dance.... She was running/dancing around the blanket dozens of laps.

Raise your hand if...

Love the hippo lady.

Popo appreciation quote from Quinn


Pam gave Quinn a juice box without a straw as a compromise... After about 10 minutes, Quinn finally managed to poke a hole in the top with her finger.... and drank the whole thing... Nuts.... Foiled again.

June 04, 2010

The hunger wail

Man it is hard to hold your ground when you know your kid is hungry. Quinn decided that she wanted to play rather then have dinner... so we told her that this is dinner and she gets nothing else to eat or drink other then water. She said okay and continued to play. Well an hour later when it was bedtime, as expected, she started wailing that she was hungry. We managed, but it is very difficult to hold your ground when you know that indeed she must be starving.


June 01, 2010

"Asshole" in toddler speak

So, Quinn, as a last ditch effort to not go to bed, said that she wanted "Circle Cheese" (Babybel wax covered cheese)... so I said I can give her circle cheese... and with my finger, I drew a circle around my head while doing a super photo worthy "cheese"....

she SCREAMED at me.... I laughed... she SCREAMED again (actually hit an amazing potential glass breaking pitch)... then she ran to mommy.... it was quite funny

Pam said that is how a toddler says "asshole"

Thou shalt not mix food

Apparently if the food is separate, the chance of her eating it is significantly higher then if it is touching.... case in point she ate all of the rice when it was in a separate bowl, but when it shared the plate with the pineapple apricot chicken, she wouldn't touch it.

Same goes for the pineapple, she ate it up when it was "plain" but the same pineapple mixed in with the chicken - no go.

May 31, 2010

Mahj Jongg

Quinn is going to be a master Mahj Jongg player. She sat on my lap today and started immediately matching up the tiles. Pair of nines, pair of 7s, pair of threes. Turned out to be a good hand. I couldn't believe how well she did - without me even explaining anything to her. We had fun the rest of the day too - swimming, having a tea party, putting all the dolls in row in chairs to go to a meeting. Good kid!

May 29, 2010

Odd developments of the english language

"I'm going to wet you" instead of "I'm going to get you wet"

"He's hotting me" instead of "he's making me hot"

"he was unhaved" instead of "he had misbehaved"

This must be what summer for parents is

Sitting under an umbrella, poolside, holding a sleeping baby and watching an unsuccessful mediation/intervention over sharing going on in the pool... Must be summer from a parents perspecive.


Normally when woken in the middle of the night, Quinn goes back to sleep fairly easily, but not last night.

She was up at 4 and cried until "morning" which happens at 6:30, when I said it was finally okay to play.

I'm certainly going to be very cranky today.

May 28, 2010

Summer camp cups

We got Quinn new insulated cups for camp. She is crazy excited by them... I hope that all new adventures are greeted by as much enthusiasm.

May 26, 2010

Last day of school

Man that happens fast... we are going to miss Mrs. Marie

May 25, 2010

Pool Party

The JCC had their pool party today for the whole school... Quinn was bouncing off the walls excited. We had a great time, except for the turtle decals on the bottom of the pool which scared us. Played with Harrison, and Colin... then found Maya and followed her around, generally happy - until it came time to share.

But all is good, It was a great pool party.

So much rational thinking

Amoungst the crying and the tantrums, there is so much rational thinking that is going on in there.

I don't want to use my bathroom, I want to use the other [utility room] bathroom

Eventual Calm Logical Reason:
I can reach the light there myself.

I want to unscrew the top of the toothpaste, instead of using the easy flip top lid

Eventual Calm Logical Reason:
I won't get toothpaste on the lid if I take it off

I'm scared of monsters... I don't want Grover to eat me.

Eventual Calm Does Not Compute brain fry:
I'll send Grover away and maybe Elmo can come to my room. "But Elmo IS a monster," I said. "No he's not". "He is covered in red hair, like Grover is covered in blue hair"


May 22, 2010

Great saturday

While mommy wad studying for the GRE, daddy took Quinn to memorial park playground with Harrison. We met up with Leah Dawlett there.

Then Harrison and Quinn went swimming at the new house. They had lots of fun jumping in and swimming after things.

We were practicing getting out on the ladder and Quinn misjudged the distance and did a good job scraping her upper thigh. I anticapate this being her biggest bruise yet.

May 17, 2010

Losing the battle

You know that you are losing the "get stuff done battle" when you find yourself saying, "it is bed time and we haven't had dinner yet."

May 14, 2010

Technology today

I need my phone. I don't remember the words [to the song], says Quinn

May 13, 2010

What's in a name....

What's in a name? That which we call the terrible twos
By any other name would be just as freaking awful!

I'm so sick of not wanting to eat during meals that she should love (fruit dessert, spaghetti and meatballs, etc).. and then demanding snacks after not eating

Not going to bed... (thirsty, too hot, too cold, wrong blanket, tuck in the sheet, music too loud, music too soft, too bright, to dark, to far away, to close, sit in the chair, sit on the floor, etc)

Heading back to pullups at night

We've peed in our bed a couple of nights in a row, so I think that we will revert back to pullups for a little while.


We were outside playing and a mosquito landed on Quinn. I told her to hit it. She didn't so, I came over and killed it on her... Unfortunately I was too late and it already bit her...When she saw the blood from the mosquito - she flipped out!

Boy, that is something that she is just going to have to get used to

May 11, 2010

Salad vs Risotto - who do you think won?

Wrong... the salad won... crazy.

We literally made a dessert risotto with cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for dinner. She wanted no part of it.

Yet she opted for lettuce dipped in ketchup and that is the majority of her dinner tonight.

She is SO determined to get her way.


May 08, 2010

Today's Learnings

French fries comes from potatoes. (she helped cut potatoes and bake them to fries)

Lots of trees is a forest (Memorial Park hike)

Lucy (Pat's dog) has a nickname, and that's Goose (because like Quinn, Lucy is a silly goose)

May 04, 2010

Lower your voice

At the restaurant, Quinn was talking loudly... So I said lower your voice please... She repeated her phrase an octave lower (essentially a deep voice) but at the same volume. Damn literal kid :)

May 02, 2010

Day in the sun

Problem with spending a day in the sun at the lake, is that you end up exhausted and grumpy and not able to effectively deal with exhausted and grumpy kids.

May 01, 2010

The gender divide starts early

So there was a 4 yr old boy at the playground, who was certainly interested in Quinn, but didn't have anything to say to her, but also didn't want her to's no wonder men can't get it right when they grow up.... Inability to talk to women is genetic.

April 30, 2010

Drawing princesses

All of those years Pam has spent drawing ballgowns and costumes had really paid off.... She can whip out drawings of princesses in no time.... Fully adornded with rhinestones and wings. :)

April 29, 2010

Law of Inverse Bedtimes

Why is it that if the kids bedtime is relatively consistent (8-9pm) that the time that they wake up is inversely proportional to the bedtime of the PARENTS.... If we went to sleep by 9, I'm sure the kids would sleep until 8pm.... but if we go to sleep after midnight, they are up by 4?

April 27, 2010

Quotes from today

Move me closer, so I can actually reach the box [of fruit rollups] myself. [After she has already been told that she has already had her two today]

Daddy, you aren't good at the chair, you are good at the floor. Mommy isn't good at the floor. [Talking about where we stay when we are putting her to bed]

April 25, 2010

Problem solving with playdoh

At Quinn's request, we were playing the adult cranium game this morning and she wanted to play with the cranium playdoh. She did not want to return it, so I told her let's swap it out for one of her playdohs, but then I said that the box wouldn't close with it. Then she went to find a small Playdoh which would allow the box to close. She is so good at problem solving.

April 22, 2010

All day with Quinn - twice!

Drew emailed a couple of weeks ago asking if I could babysit both kids 2 days this week. I responded: " Are you CRAZY!" Both kids, all day?! " I thought not! So they found a place to put Brock and I took on Quinn for Tuesday and Thursday. May I say she was an absolute pleasure both days, the entire time! What a cutie patootie!

On Tuesday we met Bennett and Ooma (Barbara Aaron) at Miller Outdoor Theater to see the Three Little Pigs. Had a picnic outside (it was a cool, fabulous day!), ran up the hill, and rode the train. Quinn fell asleep in the car on the way home and I managed to take a 45 minute nap in the car in the carport waiting for her to wake up. :-) We had a tea party inside and fed the birds outside. It was a thoroughly delightful day.

Since Tuesday was such a success, we met up with Bennett and Ooma again on Thursday at music class, then went on to a park to play. Quinn & I then visited Beverly (Drew's nanny), had a picnic on Heights Boulevard, visited Arts Alive so Quinn could see where Popo works, then had another successful nap experience on the way home. More tea party, including baking some real cookies, followed by watering the plants in front of the house.

The nice thing - I was not totally worn out after either day. Go Popo!

April 21, 2010

Jelly Sandwich

In my lack of sleep daze, I nearly made MYSELF a jelly sandwich

P a j a m a s

On her own, Quinn sounded out Pajamas last night as we were reading... she couldn't quite come up with the word on her own, but she had nearly all of the right sounds (she kept saying "em" for the "M" instead of "mmmmm" )

But looks like she'll be reading soon

April 20, 2010

I had fun today

Quinn said "I had fun today" just before going to bed.

Thanks Popo for the tea party, 3 little pigs play, picnic, and time in the garden.

April 19, 2010

Guidlines for icing

As a general rule of thumb, when applying icing, the apparatus should be edible (ie celery sticks). We made marshmallow cookies again tonight with Caroline, painting with celery sticks. Quinn ate about 3 sticks, and Caroline EVEN had one (Caroline doesn't eat anything green)...


April 17, 2010

Another dawn patrol

Did another dawn patrol today. We did a 5k at rice. Quinn did pretty good, ran some of the time, and sat on the buggy board some of the time... Pam and I didn't run though, we walked.

April 15, 2010

New rule - no more naps after 4pm

So Quinn took her nap today from 4-6... That is never going to happen again. She didn't go to sleep until nearly 11pm.

April 13, 2010

She is a great problem solver

So, we've been having issues with Quinn coming into our bed in the middle of the night. We have started an incentive program to limit this (Quinn loves fruit snacks, which we limit to two per day... sleeping in our bed takes one away). We told Quinn it was okay to come get us if she is scared, but we have to go back to her room... We also said that we could go back to her room with her if she wanted us too. So then she asked if it was okay if she slept on our floor. (We said Zoe sleeps on the floor and would probably lick her, and she accepted that).... but man, she is a good problem solver.

April 11, 2010

Rough no nap day

Whew.... What a bitch... Both the day and the girl. No nap today.

Started going to bed routine 1.5 hours early... Ended up going to sleep only 1/2 hour eariler then normal...

But it certainly wasn't quiet...
She better sleep all the way till morning to catch up!

April 09, 2010

Birth control

I'm happy that we were able to supply some birth control to the couple at alumni dinner tonight... Actually, I'm sure Quinn's tantrums supplied it to many more people then just at our table.

April 08, 2010

8 hours

Woot! 8 hrs of sleep had by all!!! It's too bad it's not the weekend

April 06, 2010

Restaurants with playgrounds rock

Quinn enjoyed a wonderful Irish jig dancing in the soft sand at Lupe Tortilla

April 03, 2010

Earth day

Had a faboulous earth day at discovery green... Even though we ended up over tired and refused to eat

March 29, 2010

Flash of morning brillance

It is always a struggle to get Quinn to wash her hair, especially condition it so it de-tangles. Well thi morning we played the draw a letter on your back game... And my hands were convienently full of conditioner as I moved her hair out of the way... Point for daddy!

Unknown battles

So I go to bed with an allergy medicine induced coma, I wake up with Quinn in the bed and Pam on the couch. Do I want to know what happened?

March 28, 2010

Rough waters

Hopefully high winds and the large waves that splashed the boat doesn't scar Quinn from being on the boat forever

March 26, 2010

Not the popular parent

Have to admit I was dissapointed that Quinn spent most of the show sitting on Kristen's lap (Harrison's Mom) instead of with us.


Took Quinn to see Harlem Gospel Choir tonight. Outdoor with Harrison Charlie, Imrana, Omar, Uncle Pat, Daucie, Mark, and the kids, Popo, Popop, and Mandy... We love shows!!

March 24, 2010

2 hours of Patience

Apparently, I've learned while putting Quinn to sleep... that I have about 2 hours of solid patience in me.

She was still scared of the Count and wanted me to stay.

I had all sorts of creative solutions, including delegating a doll to watch over her, surrounding her with hippos - which everyone knows that the Count is afraid of, sleeping with the light on, moving the bed...

But after I was done, Pam comes in an forcefully tells her it is time to go to bed - and she accepted that.... hmmm - why didn't I try that one?

March 23, 2010

Hero feat

is it wrong to feel like you've conquered a feat of mythological proportions when all that you have done is gotten hair into pony tails?

March 22, 2010


Quinn sat through nearly 40 mins of the hour long dance lesson (that we didn't teach) tonight. So there is hope that she might be able to come to classes if we start to teach again... Brock is another story.... He didn't sleep at all...grrr

March 21, 2010


Spent 45 minutes reading to myself in Quinns room while she cried that she didn't want to take a nap.... She finally fell asleep.

March 20, 2010

Can't win

Quinn, who wasn't feeling well, woke up early tired. She wanted to read a book, so I asked her to choose one, which lead to a meltdown... She was crying saying that she wanted me to choose the book... Fine, I choose two books. Meltdown continues because that wasn't the books that she wanted... So I say okay, choose the books that she wants.... Louder screaming, because she wants me to choose the books.

This IS NOT a good game... No bueno.

March 17, 2010


Recently, the Count, from Seasame Street, has been appearing to Quinn at night and doing a significant job of scaring her... So much so that we had to tell him to go back to Seasame Street.... and while he was gone, we had to rearrange Quinn's room so he couldn't find her if he came back.

March 14, 2010


Passing by a particularly strong skunk... Quinn was quite distrubed by the smell... She said "I need a tissue", thinking that the problem was actually in her nose

Life is so easy

So Quinn is entertaining herself running back and forth between parallel couches at the lake... We ask if she can run faster... Which she easily obliges. We ask her if she can run slower.... She says "I don't know about that."

March 12, 2010

Great job at the restaurant

2nd restaurant where we stayed there, well behaved, for over two hours.

March 11, 2010

Just the girls

Quinn was super excited about it being "just girls" ( Pam, Quinn, Tina, Alexa ) at the rodeo. The plan was to go on Wednesday morning, so that there would be no lines..... That is untill 200 classrooms full of kids showed up.

March 08, 2010


Okay, just have to brag about the orchestration that Pam and I had today. Pam left work at 4:30, got home by 5 - did dishes (for pumping) - pumped - opened the cookbook to tonights recipe - defrosted the chicken and left to go get the kids.

I get home, find the recipe open, chop the onions and cube the chicken, at which point the kids get home. Quinn and I take zoe for a walk, while Pam puts Brock to sleep. Pam starts cooking dinner. Quinn and I get back, and I immediately go manage Brock who is fussy, and Pam gets Quinn to set the table.

I come out get Quinn in her chair while Pam serves dinner. Whew...

Cat in the Hat cookies

We had a fantastic edible art project tonight. Quinn did a fantastic job of eating her tandoori chicken and turmeric rice dinner, so we were able to make the cookies.

Somehow we misplaced the small tube of red icing that we bought, so Pam whipped up some butter-cream icing (butter + powdered sugar + red food coloring)....

Then we painted ritz crackers with the icing, attached a marshmallow, and painted the cat in the hat stripes with toothpicks.

Quinn had a blast, and honestly, the cookies were VERY yummy. That salty, sugary, buttery combination.... HMMMMM.

Running Around the Block

Quinn and I took Zoe for a walk this evening. Quinn did most of the "walking" and she really enjoyed that Zoe pulled her. We ran nearly all of the way around the block, stopping only to question a neighbor about weeding. Then we stopped to watch a dog jump so he could see over the fence... we couldn't see the dog until his head popped up and then disappeared again. We were laughing hard about it.

March 06, 2010

I smell poop

Quinn first said this in the car when she farted, and it was decently funny.... But when said on a packed light rail, it is downright inappropriately hilarious.(I don't think she farted on the train :) )

Whoa rodeo

Went to rodeo.... Last year we got there first thing in the morning.... Today, after nap... Bad choice... Hoards of people, long lines and by the end very tired and grumpy kids

March 05, 2010


Officially, pedaled the tricycle to harrison's today.

March 01, 2010

So Drew

At dinner tonight Quinn promised mom that she would be careful and not spill her lemonade. She accidentally spilled her water. Pam reminded her that she was not going to spill. Quinn told her she promised not to spill her Lemonade. That was such a Drew answer. Reminded me of when Drew was about that age. I told him to stop jumping on the bed. He replied that he was jumping Off the bed. He was right. I let him continue. Can't argue with logic.

February 28, 2010

Brilliant (Said in an "angels signing kinda way")

Okay, Just brilliant.... I drew a 6 foot circle on the driveway in chalk.... and then I chased Quinn around the circle for about 30 minutes.

Wasn't the intention - I started out making a giant Q.... but wow did it work out great.

February 27, 2010

She has a plan

So Quinn took out nearly every blanket an toy in the closet to make a train through the whole great room. She was very industrious and certainly had a vision for how this train was going to go.

February 25, 2010

Like water in a sieve

Based on Quinn's joining a 4 yr boy for most of dinner, led Pam and I to predict that 1) she is going to have a boyfriend by 3rd grade, and 2) she will go through them [boyfriends] like water [in a sieve]

What is Brock thinking?

As quinn was climbing all over me, and was basically standing on my shoulders... She looks over at Brock, who is staring at her. Quinn asks what is Brock thinking? I reflected that back to her and asked her what she thought he was thinking.Quinn said, " He thinks I'm not being safe."

I lower her to the floor laughing.

February 23, 2010


Quinn has figured out that the collapsible step stool that she uses to wash her hands in the bathroom, can be carried around to give access to all sorts of cool shelves.

February 21, 2010

Trying something revolutionary

We are trying to eat only at mealtimes.... So far it has been is likely that Quinn is not going to eat anything today

February 20, 2010

Pump it up

Went to Pump it Up for Evan and Ellie's birthday party. What a crazy birthday factory... But Quinn worked hard enough to actually sweat.... So I guess that is a good thing.

February 18, 2010

Possible pink eye

We took Quinn to the doctor yesterday, for possible pink eye... She has drops, but she seems normal today.

Potty training round two

Quinn has made it several nights now in the same pullup....


February 15, 2010

Swim class

Had an awesome time watching Quinn in swim class today. It was special, she ended up being the only student... So a full half hour of swimming. It was neat to see her float, go under, swim to the wall, choo choo all the way back to the steps.... I was very excited....

February 12, 2010

Won't take _____ for an answer

Quinn asked of she could hold Brock. We say yes after she gets dressed. She starts to wail saying that she wants to hold Brock. We say yes, she wails harder and repeats her plea. We say no, not until you are dressed... More crying. We say no again. Still more crying. We ask her what do you want us to say? She just cries...

Not a fun game for the sleep deprived.

February 11, 2010

Luv all of the uses for jumpropes

Discovered three more jump rope uses... In addition to running around, wrapping and rowing, we've added going all the way out and tugging to get back and sliding along the floor while being pulled, and pulling herself back in (that was her favorite).

February 08, 2010


Quinn did a 20x30 floor puzzle tonight. She still needed lots of help as we described what piece she should look for ("look at the picture, the sailboat is underneath of the sun. Can you find the sailboat piece that has a little bit of sun")...She did great with the puzzle... was very patient.

February 07, 2010

Full length movie

After an exhausting day with friends, Quinn was passed out.... We actually had to wake her to watch a movie, Ratatouie... Just so she could stay awake to bedtime

Omar and Imrana's

Spent all day hanging out with Omar and Imrana... It is possible to hang with friends and have kids....


February 06, 2010

One tired kid

Well after dawn patrol.... There was no nap as we hoped, but she had a blast at Omar and Imrana's baby shower. Lots of friends to play with!!!! To much to write, but fun was had by all

Dawn patrol

As soon as Quinn woke up, we jumped in the car for dawn patrol. We were out of the house by 7:10. Caught sunrise on the way to get beignets. Made a good ole sugary mess. Came home to finish off breakfast with a challah jelly sandwich. And did some running around the house. Went to the indoor pool for an hour and Quinn swam a whole lap ( down and back) by herself with dumbell like floats. Came back had chicken nuggets for lunch.... All in the hopes that we are able to move nap from 1 pm to 11am for today.

February 03, 2010

Imagination Matching Game

We've been playing the matching game (both on the Itouch and in reality)... this morning we had lots of flakes and Quinn was playing the matching game with the cereal. It was a little difficult to play with her, because she kept saying that [that flake] isn't the hat, or that one isn't the watermelon.

February 01, 2010

Swim class progress

Went all the way underwater to blow bubbles.... Swam to the wall and choo choo'd along the way along the wall by herself.


Advice for future

Don't read a rhyming story first thing in the morning. You can't get the stupid thing out of your head all morning.

"Get me down, to Boston town, tomorrow sir, by two"..... out, out

January 31, 2010

Downside to having a Christmas brother

It is hard to get the concept of christmas, when you have a brother who was born just after.... and gifts and presents trickle in for a month.... especially when some of those gifts are not all for Brock, but some are for Quinn.

Running in circles

Quinn, literally ran circles around me for nearly an hour... She loves to grab a jump rope and with me as the center, run circles around me "really fast"

Awesome... I can't think of any better way to burn energy. Me sitting stationary holding on to a rope, and she running as fast as she can for an hour.

If only it was always this easy.

January 30, 2010

Baby health expo

Had a great time at this expo.... It was a perfect thing for $8 and 40 degrees outside... All of the bounce housed and obstacle courses that you could want.... Then 100% juices, yogurts, and healthy snack samples from just about every vendor....

Downside!??? Just so overstimulated that nap was exceedingly difficult

January 29, 2010

With enthusiasm

It is such fun to watch Quinn's face when she has something to say. Her eyes light up, her smile goes from ear to ear, and she get so excited about whatever catches her eye. Today, walking back to class after gymnastics, she pointed out the big slide at the deep end of the pool. I asked if she had gone down the slide with daddy. Her reply, with face alight was, "No, but maybe I can do that when I'm older!" A new adventure to look forward to!!

Even her teacher, Miss Marie, said how enthusiastic Quinn is. And how flexible. I don't know if she was referring to Quinn's physical flexibility or if she meant that Quinn would easily go along with new ideas. Oh, and how verbal she is, how smart she is, and what a joy she is to have in class. :-)

January 27, 2010

Swim class

Here is a quote from Quinn's swim coach:

Today, during lesson, Quinn kept volunteering to go first for each swimming skill. She would have preferred that I keep letting her swim and skip the boys (Harrison and Collin)! She did terrific today.

January 26, 2010

Two chopsticks

At dinner, Quinn crossed two chopsticks, and said look it's a "t". I took her lead and we made a "v","T", and "x". The I asked her to make an "L", she handed me one chopstick, saying here is the "l". A perfectly valid answer.

Popo said that it was an answer that daddy would give.

January 25, 2010

Just one of the girls...

When Pam's Dad and Cindy were here for a visit Quinn got the most enjoyment in being in the "all girls" car with just mom and Cindy (who became a tia for this trip). So Pappy, dad and Brock had to ride in a separate car. Only when there were less than all six of us did she allow us to "mix it up".

January 24, 2010

You say what

Quinn says "What" alot... even after you give her an answer..... a usual conversation is....
"Quinn, please put that down"
"put that down"
"Please put that down"

So today after the initial comment, and Quinn said "what"... we said "what" back.
So quinn said "what", and we said "what"

this went on a couple of times, then Quinn got frustrated and said "I say what" you say "yes".

So she said "what", we said "yes", and then Quinn said "what??" - as if to ask what we were saying what to.

It was a very funny exchange, that doesn't translate well to this blog.

January 19, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

We had a spontaneous playdate with Jonah tonight. Now Jonah is the reason why the "Terrible Twos" exists.... he is quite a handful (Although I'm not sure that is as appearent to Quinn)...

Anyways, while Jonah was taking a bath and Quinn was watching... we got on the subject of princesses and princes, and then Quinn says "I'm the beauty your the beast".

How true it is....


Since Brock has been born, I (Daddy) have had a very realistic dream nearly every night. It is just a dream, but I always wake up believing Quinn has come into the room and either played with the ipod, or come into bed, or something. When I wake up, I'm always confused as why she is not there.

Like this morning, I truely believed that at 4am there were three of us sleeping in bed, but when we Brock woke at 5:30, I asked Pam where Quinn was.... She looked at me funny and said - still asleep.

January 18, 2010

Quinn in charge

Not that Quinn runs everyone's lives all the time, but she is pretty firm in her beliefs. And she believed, this time, that the way to go home from Popo's house was to have the "girls car". Mommy, Cindy and Quinn would ride together. Daddy, Pappy and baby Brock would be in the boy's car. And that's the way it went.

January 17, 2010

Pretend diapers

While using wipes as pretend diapers, she wanted more.... Pam said no. Quinn says "but they have poop in them," in a perfectly toned whine

My nails are too long

"My nails are too long" is code for "let's watch a sesame street podcast while your trim my nail.... trimming my nails is optional."

January 16, 2010

Heart melting

While putting Quinn to bed...."Daddy, I had fun painting the menorah with you today." Followed by a big hug and kiss.....


January 15, 2010

Egocentric example

When I picked Quinn up from school, I told her that Popo, Popop, Pappy, and Cindy would be having dinner with us tonight. She said that "Popo and Popop have never met Pappy before."

Dunno.... I think that is cute.

Problem Solver

Quinn is very good at solving problems. Twice today she came through. Pam had wanted me to take a picture of Coach Carrie from gymnastics so Quinn could put it on her calendar board. I was explaining to her that we'd have to wait till next time as I had forgotten my camera. She said, " You can use your phone, Popo." Duh. Why didn't I think of that? Well, I haven't yet conquered all the mechanics of my new phone. I asked Quinn how to take a picture with it. She came running, but the coach helped me first.

When gymnastics is over the coach gives the kids stamps. Quinn loves to get them on her hands, feet and belly. The problem today was that, for the first time, she was wearing a leotard. I could almost hear the wheels turning as she was trying to figure out how she could get a stamp on her belly since she couldn't pull up her shirt. She figured it out - she slipped her arm out of one side of the leotard so she could pull it down to expose the area. It's just always a hoot to see what she'll do next. :-)

January 11, 2010

Swim class

Swim class started today.... Teachers said she had a lot of fun.... Quinn showed alot of excitement toward it... When asked what she did in swim class, she said she got a lollipop

January 09, 2010

Screaming kiss

Maya came over for a playdate. She is just as precocious as Quinn... And there is certainly a love/hate thing going on( bouncing off the walls excited all day, but then didn't want her touching any of her toys when she got here.)

Anyways, when they got into it, they'd start screaming at each other and keep moving closer until they were literally screaming into each others mouths.

We couldn't help but laugh.

January 08, 2010

iPod touch

What a great tool. Not only can mom and dad surf and blog while feeding/holding Brock, but Quinn has her own screen full of educational games...

Everyone wins

January 07, 2010

So what do you do?

If your reasourceful daughter has taken it upon herself to cover her face at night to protect herself from scary monsters who might eat her face.... Do you reward her resourcefulness and ease her mind saying that will help ( with a little adjustment to make sure our nose and mouth stay out for breathing), but essentially confirming monsters.

Or ease fears by down playing monsters existance?

I guess the first, as it respects her emotions and resourcefulness.... Seems Luke the latter is not as sensitive to her needs.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm a little sleep deprived and need to do something to keep me awake while Quinn is trying to go to sleep.

Lindos momentos

Esta semana fuimos al Health Museum, Triple A (toy store) y volvimos a las Clases de Musica con la compania de Popo (Quinn muy sorpredida por su precencia). Juntas disfrutamos mucho de nuestros paseo, aunque son mas solicitados si papa y mama no estan en casa. Es muy interesante compartir con todos la noticia "hermana mayor" sin olvidar "la guitarra" . Que buenas son las tardes de Quinn despues de las siestas. Este ultimo tiempo mi espaƱol es traducido constantemente en Ingles por mi profesora Quinn. Disfrazarme, bailar y cantar son actividades que nos llenan de emosion. Quinn es muy delicada con su hermano pero cuesta recordad "lavarse las manos".


Quinn breast fed her doll along with mommy today.

Whoa Quinn-e-o

Quinn said "whoa Quinn-e-o" when she squeezed out to much soap...

This is a variation on "whoa Daddio" which Pam says to indicate that daddy has put in "too much cereal"

100% chance of grumpy

Brock woke at 4am hungry, but didn't actually want to eat and didn't go back to sleep. His crying startled Quinn who wouldn't go back to bed. Pam got peed on twice. Drew can't go into another room without Quinn having a meltdown about him leaving. It is raining and the tempurature is going to drop 30 degrees to the upper 20s.

Brock gets his circumcision and 1 week appt today.

Sabrina was up late looking at a depressing list of apartments that she can't afford.

Yup, grumpy day all around... Can't wait.

January 04, 2010

Sequitor - stream of conciousness

(there is no way that I am gonna get this right as it happened in the course of about 10 seconds... But I'll see if I get close.. Couldn't tell if this was a sequitor or a non-sequitor, becuase I was laughing too hard)

I want a jelly sandwich
Not peanut butter
You like peanut butter, I don't like peanut butter
Apples and peanut butter are okay
You have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'll have a jelly sandwich
You spread the peanut butter on half and the jelly on half
Cut them in half, they'll be the same.
Then the jelly squirts out
Then we have jelly on our clothes
Tina had food on her clothes
There was a party
Popo was at the party
A guy in a mask in a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and pig face.

Looks it's shampoo

"Look it's shampoo," says Quinn pointing to the dolphins in her coloring book. "No that's Shamu, and he is a killer whale, not a dolphin"

January 02, 2010

Losing a nap

If we are indeed losing a nap and can have Quinn expend as much energy as she did today ( it took every amount of our effort to not have her fall alseep in the 10 minute ride to dinner)... I don't know if I mind the 7:30 bed time.:)

Lama sneezes

Was at a bday party with a petting zoo. We were feeding the lama when it sneezed on us. Quinn was quite upset by this.


At Maya's birthday party, Quinn kept convincing Maya that she wanted to open presents. Her Mom had wisely planned on not opening presents during the party. So with Quinn's help, her mom kept having to divert those efforts.

Also at a croweded house with 15+ toddlers, people are still remarking that "Wow she is busy"

January 01, 2010

Making Biscuits

Had a great time making biscuits today with Quinn. She told me when to stop pouring the milk; she cracked the egg and dumped in the yeast. She measured and dumped the flour sugar and salt. Then she helped stir a little bit.

She didn't help with the kneading or rolling, but came back for the cutting with the biscuit cutters.

She loves to cook!