June 30, 2010

Bummed out

So we are at a going away party that the neighbors threw... and Quinn was appropriately shy around all of the older friends saying hi to her.... BUT she was shy, hanging on KYLE's pant legs, not DADDY's.

What a bum deal that is.

June 28, 2010

First sleep over

Caroline and Quinn stayed in the same room at the lake this weekend. It was actually quite interesting. For the first time ever, Quinn kicked me out of the room while I was putting her to sleep.

Furthermore, she waited until 7:30 before getting out of bed because she was waiting for Caroline.

Dolphin swim

All this time we were standing too close.... Quinn is a great swimmer... she was jumping in a and swimming several feet to us. She even did a dolphin swim, which is kinda like the butterfly stroke without the arms.

Quinn ended up diving quite deep... it was pretty cool

Ski trainer

We gave Quinn her birthday present this weekend. It is a ski trainer... what that means is that is is "skis" that have an inflatable peice around it which makes it look more like a jet ski. It has a handle and foot slots so she could stand if she wanted to. We took it to the island and let her ride it... she loved it (she didn't particularly care for the sand / mud at the island though).

She even told Caroline that she (Quinn) would teach her to ski when she was three. :)

June 23, 2010

Not Feeling well

Quinn had a fever last night and threw up at 4am... rough night all around. I think it is a 24 hour bug that is going around.

June 18, 2010

Soccer, trees, and wolves

So I was playing soccer with Quinn yesterday and managed to get a soccer ball stuck in a tree. After much rock throwing, I told Quinn we'd have to wait for rain or a strong wind for the ball to come down. Quinn suggested
that we call the big bad wolf to huff and puff to blow the ball down. We DID call him but he wasn't able to come :) we did have a nice conversation about pigs though.

June 12, 2010


While we did the canopy tour, quinn swam for four hours... Then took a four hour nap.

I hope she actually goes back to sleep tonight

June 11, 2010

Bony treats

Score one for dad. Cheese strips with steak rolled into it, look like the snacks we feed to Zoe and Quinn ate it up.


Scared of the beach

So after taking Quinn to the beach. She is now afraid of waves,crabs, bugs, and mommy kayaking. We'll have to work on this tomorrow in the sun

Beach playing

Played on the private beach in Costa Rica... Quinn is still afraid of the waves by herself, but she loves hanging out in arms

June 10, 2010

We're here

Just as the plane to Costa Rica landed Quinn loudly proclaimed "we're here"... The whole plane cheered and laughed.

June 07, 2010

Kiddie Park in San Antonio

WOW, Kiddie Park in San Antonio is fantastic for toddlers... a dozen rides that are designed just for them. There was a crank train, horse and carriage, a small ferris wheel, a bus, and boats. Plus it is all tree covered and pretty well priced.

The kids can ride and the adults actually get a chance to hang out. It was great!

Living in an egocentric world

So Quinn,Brock and I went to the San Antonio zoo by ourselves today. It wasn't horrible, but we certainly had issues.... like the fact that when Brock started to get hungry, Quinn had to pee... no problem - let's delay Brock a little bit.

Then we got some chicken nuggets and that was going to occupy Quinn while I fed Brock. No sooner then I started feeding Brock the bananas, Quinn says she has to go poop. I asked Quinn if she say any problem with me going to the bathroom with her at this time... she didn't. (even though Brock would SCREAM when I didn't feed him fast enough).

I delayed her a little bit, and was in the middle of giving Brock his milk and she said she had to poop again... so this time we all go to the potty. Brock is SCREAMING again, probably from the A/C -> hot outside -> dark bathroom transitions.... Nothing like a screaming baby in a closed in bathroom.

Quinn doesn't poop.

We head back to the restaurant and quinn is way done eating, but Brock still has a fair amount to go. Quinn starts saying lets go and running around the restaurant.

UGh, it is very frusturating when Quinn's whole view of the world is her and not how inconvienent her current needs are.

June 06, 2010

Road trip

I love Texas rest areas... They have play grounds.

New milestone

Quinn is able to get out of the child safety latch on her car seat... We've entered a new era.

June 05, 2010

Accordian kings

Went to an outdoor concert at Miller tonight. Quinn certainly loves to dance.... She was running/dancing around the blanket dozens of laps.

Raise your hand if...

Love the hippo lady.

Popo appreciation quote from Quinn


Pam gave Quinn a juice box without a straw as a compromise... After about 10 minutes, Quinn finally managed to poke a hole in the top with her finger.... and drank the whole thing... Nuts.... Foiled again.

June 04, 2010

The hunger wail

Man it is hard to hold your ground when you know your kid is hungry. Quinn decided that she wanted to play rather then have dinner... so we told her that this is dinner and she gets nothing else to eat or drink other then water. She said okay and continued to play. Well an hour later when it was bedtime, as expected, she started wailing that she was hungry. We managed, but it is very difficult to hold your ground when you know that indeed she must be starving.


June 01, 2010

"Asshole" in toddler speak

So, Quinn, as a last ditch effort to not go to bed, said that she wanted "Circle Cheese" (Babybel wax covered cheese)... so I said I can give her circle cheese... and with my finger, I drew a circle around my head while doing a super photo worthy "cheese"....

she SCREAMED at me.... I laughed... she SCREAMED again (actually hit an amazing potential glass breaking pitch)... then she ran to mommy.... it was quite funny

Pam said that is how a toddler says "asshole"

Thou shalt not mix food

Apparently if the food is separate, the chance of her eating it is significantly higher then if it is touching.... case in point she ate all of the rice when it was in a separate bowl, but when it shared the plate with the pineapple apricot chicken, she wouldn't touch it.

Same goes for the pineapple, she ate it up when it was "plain" but the same pineapple mixed in with the chicken - no go.