December 30, 2014

Quinn's Creative writing

Previously we posted Quinn's creative writing... well her current job is an author. The requirements for this job were:

  1. To create a first draft (which she already did on paper).
  2. Transcribe it into a word processor
  3. Respond to an editor (daddy) and make corrections
  4. Post it to this blog
Yellowstone’s story

I was sitting on a bench waiting for someone to need a hero. Suddenly, Yellowstone heard a car crash. BOOM! A baby cry, WAA! Then she was there, yes, Red Scarlet and her crew: Mia Moonstone, Sophie Sapphire, Strawberry Ruby, and the one and only boy Ethan Emerald.  “Come on,” Red Scarlet demanded, “she’s right there.” You see Red Scarlet needed Yellowstone because she needed one more person on her team. But Yellowstone said “NO!” Red Scarlet was furious! Then Red Scarlet said, “If you’re not with us you’re against us.” Then the fight began.  Yellowstone shot a lighting bolt; Red Scarlet shot fire. Red Scarlet’s crew said, “Why are we fighting?” Red Scarlet said to join in, but they went with Yellowstone. “With me!” she wailed. Then they ran over to Red Scarlet’s side, but it was to late. She was defeated.  Do you think that Red Scarlet learned her lesson? NO! In fact, she still robbed banks and took jewels. Meanwhile, Yellowstone was earning medals and trying to find a way to keep Red Scarlet in jail for good.  Finally, Red Scarlet was caught and was permanently in jail. Yellowstone earned her 155th medal and, as for Red Scarlet’s crew, they became Yellowstone’s crew. And This All Happened At The Park!

December 07, 2014

Thinking about what you are thinking about

Profoundly deep thoughts from a 7-yr old: (context she is reading a book about magic, and the next chapter is about "reading minds". I tell her she could always ask me what I'm thinking, and I'll tell her). Quinn then tells me that whatever I'd say next, I'd be lying.... because I'd be thinking about what I was thinking about, so any response other than "I'm thinking about what I was thinking about" is untrue... and because of that I couldn't actually tell her what I was thinking about  originally, therefore my original statement , about just ask me , was also a lie.

*face palm*, oye vay.