September 30, 2010

10Q joke

Taught Quinn the 10Q joke... She is having alot of fun with it... But she will just go up to people without introduction and say 1Q... We usually need to jump in and prompt them to say 2Q.

But she still gets a good laugh when she gets to say your welcome at the end.

September 25, 2010

Are you the kid?

Quinn to Tia Mandy: "Who is your mom?"
"are you the kid?!"
"yes way," said Mandy

Downside of ignorance

Who knew that the day we'd decide to go to the museum would be musuem district day?! Hundreds of people! The line for the Children's museum was around two corners of the building.... Luckily daddy found a short face painting line in the health museum, and there was peace throughout the land :)

September 20, 2010

Problem solving

We were at a restaurant that had a placemat with pictures, mazes and games. One of the games was a word search - to her, lots of letters to look for. She couldn't find a Q. So she put the stick on the O. Then she had her Q. :-)


I took Quinn to Children's Services for Yom Kippur. We were there a little early. She asked if the robot was there yet. Robot? I finally figured it out - she meant Rabbi. :-) In the special children's book the Rabbi pointed out the picture of kids in the sandbox. He asked what they were doing and she shouted out "sharing." From all the way in the back row. She did that with several more questions. I loved that she was so engaged with what was happening that she actively participated.

September 19, 2010

some days are just hysterical

And by hysterical, I mean the so upset that I wish I could slap some sense into her.

Quinn helped make muffins today.... she wanted to change the recipe and add strawberries on the top... I don't like strawberries so I specifically asked that she leave some plain for me, but she decided that I could pick them off.

We make the muffins, she goes down for a nap, when she wakes up (still a little tired), she comes out to have a muffin... and just throws an all out fit that there are strawberries in it. (and that they are too big... even though she made them.


September 06, 2010

Restaurant appropriateness

Apparently I can let the rules slide for some good negotiation. Tonight at dinner.... I told Quinn that I'd let her lay down in the booth if she had some of the spinach salad that we ordered. She ate 3 leaves, and enjoyed her time lying on the bench.

Who cares about a kid lying on the bench... she ate something green... and it was spinach, one of the best greens out there. And she came back for more.

Record setting day. (I wonder if all parents have a record day when their kid voluntarily eats something healthy?)

Anyways, the streak was ruined when one of the leaves had a little bit of dressing on it and she spit it out. C'est la vie. She at least at three.

Yes celery

I think Quinn was trying to say "yes sir-ee", but she heard and repeated "yes celery"

September 05, 2010

Scared or brilliant?

If Quinn doesn't want to be in the inflatable run while it is being inflatated, I first thought she was scared of it... Then everyone got off and she was the first in line and on it by herself...then I thought she was brilliant.... and a Shefman

September 04, 2010


Mommy said something wrong, and Quinn said it was a "mommystake" not a mistake. This is in reference to Morris the Moose book, where he makes a "moosestake"