April 27, 2013

Dr of education

When mommy becomes a Dr of education, she can fix papers if they get torn. ;-)

April 03, 2013

Choreographer Teacher

Quinn is learning a song and "dance" for a performance in April.

Last night she was trying to teach it to Brock with great success.

She was giving me instructions about when to start / stop the video.

And every couple of measures, she would show Brock the corresponding arm gestures.

Then she tell me to play the song from the beginning and they'd go through each part to that point.

It was awesome.

The only blind spot, was that Quinn was not able to recognize when Brock was done with the task and ready to move on. But hey, sometimes we parents even have a hard time with that.

Super cute.

Here is the reference video and song.

Discovery Learning works!

Yesterday we went to fly kites in the driveway - ala run really fast and have a piece of paper on a string not be on the ground. Quinn went out barefoot, and after a couple of laps, said that her feet were hurting. I asked her what her options were, and she said that we could sweep the driveway.

"Ok", I said, "but can you think of any other options, maybe any that might be faster?"

She said, that "that [putting on shoes] takes too much time."

So while I mentioned that I disagreed with her, we went to the garage to get the brooms.

The kids happily swept the driveway, and Brock and I had a great time of chase and choo-choo trains and singing Mary Poppins.

Quinn had made it through 3 sidewalk squares, when she went back inside, got her shoes and joined us in our games.

I believe I got my point across, AND Quinn got to be right.