March 29, 2010

Flash of morning brillance

It is always a struggle to get Quinn to wash her hair, especially condition it so it de-tangles. Well thi morning we played the draw a letter on your back game... And my hands were convienently full of conditioner as I moved her hair out of the way... Point for daddy!

Unknown battles

So I go to bed with an allergy medicine induced coma, I wake up with Quinn in the bed and Pam on the couch. Do I want to know what happened?

March 28, 2010

Rough waters

Hopefully high winds and the large waves that splashed the boat doesn't scar Quinn from being on the boat forever

March 26, 2010

Not the popular parent

Have to admit I was dissapointed that Quinn spent most of the show sitting on Kristen's lap (Harrison's Mom) instead of with us.


Took Quinn to see Harlem Gospel Choir tonight. Outdoor with Harrison Charlie, Imrana, Omar, Uncle Pat, Daucie, Mark, and the kids, Popo, Popop, and Mandy... We love shows!!

March 24, 2010

2 hours of Patience

Apparently, I've learned while putting Quinn to sleep... that I have about 2 hours of solid patience in me.

She was still scared of the Count and wanted me to stay.

I had all sorts of creative solutions, including delegating a doll to watch over her, surrounding her with hippos - which everyone knows that the Count is afraid of, sleeping with the light on, moving the bed...

But after I was done, Pam comes in an forcefully tells her it is time to go to bed - and she accepted that.... hmmm - why didn't I try that one?

March 23, 2010

Hero feat

is it wrong to feel like you've conquered a feat of mythological proportions when all that you have done is gotten hair into pony tails?

March 22, 2010


Quinn sat through nearly 40 mins of the hour long dance lesson (that we didn't teach) tonight. So there is hope that she might be able to come to classes if we start to teach again... Brock is another story.... He didn't sleep at all...grrr

March 21, 2010


Spent 45 minutes reading to myself in Quinns room while she cried that she didn't want to take a nap.... She finally fell asleep.

March 20, 2010

Can't win

Quinn, who wasn't feeling well, woke up early tired. She wanted to read a book, so I asked her to choose one, which lead to a meltdown... She was crying saying that she wanted me to choose the book... Fine, I choose two books. Meltdown continues because that wasn't the books that she wanted... So I say okay, choose the books that she wants.... Louder screaming, because she wants me to choose the books.

This IS NOT a good game... No bueno.

March 17, 2010


Recently, the Count, from Seasame Street, has been appearing to Quinn at night and doing a significant job of scaring her... So much so that we had to tell him to go back to Seasame Street.... and while he was gone, we had to rearrange Quinn's room so he couldn't find her if he came back.

March 14, 2010


Passing by a particularly strong skunk... Quinn was quite distrubed by the smell... She said "I need a tissue", thinking that the problem was actually in her nose

Life is so easy

So Quinn is entertaining herself running back and forth between parallel couches at the lake... We ask if she can run faster... Which she easily obliges. We ask her if she can run slower.... She says "I don't know about that."

March 12, 2010

Great job at the restaurant

2nd restaurant where we stayed there, well behaved, for over two hours.

March 11, 2010

Just the girls

Quinn was super excited about it being "just girls" ( Pam, Quinn, Tina, Alexa ) at the rodeo. The plan was to go on Wednesday morning, so that there would be no lines..... That is untill 200 classrooms full of kids showed up.

March 08, 2010


Okay, just have to brag about the orchestration that Pam and I had today. Pam left work at 4:30, got home by 5 - did dishes (for pumping) - pumped - opened the cookbook to tonights recipe - defrosted the chicken and left to go get the kids.

I get home, find the recipe open, chop the onions and cube the chicken, at which point the kids get home. Quinn and I take zoe for a walk, while Pam puts Brock to sleep. Pam starts cooking dinner. Quinn and I get back, and I immediately go manage Brock who is fussy, and Pam gets Quinn to set the table.

I come out get Quinn in her chair while Pam serves dinner. Whew...

Cat in the Hat cookies

We had a fantastic edible art project tonight. Quinn did a fantastic job of eating her tandoori chicken and turmeric rice dinner, so we were able to make the cookies.

Somehow we misplaced the small tube of red icing that we bought, so Pam whipped up some butter-cream icing (butter + powdered sugar + red food coloring)....

Then we painted ritz crackers with the icing, attached a marshmallow, and painted the cat in the hat stripes with toothpicks.

Quinn had a blast, and honestly, the cookies were VERY yummy. That salty, sugary, buttery combination.... HMMMMM.

Running Around the Block

Quinn and I took Zoe for a walk this evening. Quinn did most of the "walking" and she really enjoyed that Zoe pulled her. We ran nearly all of the way around the block, stopping only to question a neighbor about weeding. Then we stopped to watch a dog jump so he could see over the fence... we couldn't see the dog until his head popped up and then disappeared again. We were laughing hard about it.

March 06, 2010

I smell poop

Quinn first said this in the car when she farted, and it was decently funny.... But when said on a packed light rail, it is downright inappropriately hilarious.(I don't think she farted on the train :) )

Whoa rodeo

Went to rodeo.... Last year we got there first thing in the morning.... Today, after nap... Bad choice... Hoards of people, long lines and by the end very tired and grumpy kids

March 05, 2010


Officially, pedaled the tricycle to harrison's today.

March 01, 2010

So Drew

At dinner tonight Quinn promised mom that she would be careful and not spill her lemonade. She accidentally spilled her water. Pam reminded her that she was not going to spill. Quinn told her she promised not to spill her Lemonade. That was such a Drew answer. Reminded me of when Drew was about that age. I told him to stop jumping on the bed. He replied that he was jumping Off the bed. He was right. I let him continue. Can't argue with logic.