October 18, 2010

Ren fest 2010

Had a great time. Quinn loved the bungee trampoline, the elephant rides and trying to wear Adrian's (a class friend) purple fairy wings (here year old pink ones were clearly inferior).

I was really proud of her when she went up to one particularly well dresses fairy (actually we think it was a guy) and complimented her wings. She replied in sign language. So I told Quinn to ask for "dragon tears" (the gift then fairies give --come on people, catch up here :)) in sign language. She used her please and thank you in sign. The fairy was impressed and gave her a necklace. :)

I did have to teach her a lesson about teasing. Adrian was done with the wings for a moment, and Quinn went to put them on. Adrian would gave cared less, except for Quinn saying "I have the purple wings now" to Adrian... So I made her take them off and give them back to her. Lots of necessary crying ensued.

I also particularly like that she loved to dance to all of the music. Esp when there were belly dancers or gypsies... She would try to copy them.

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