June 25, 2012

Job 7: Banker

We started a minor's savings account for Quinn this week. She put in $6. So she still has $6 to spend
Also this week she decided to buy a headband with her allowance. The label said it was $3.13, which I told her was about 1/2 of her money. When we went to check out it was actually $4.20, which I told her was most of her money. She was very upset by this.

I was looking forward to the teachable moment of you-have-to-choose-between-the-things-you-want-and-can-afford, but a generous spectator gave Quinn a dollar to account for the difference... . I guess that teachable moment will have to come around again. 

June 22, 2012

Job 6: Pet Shop Owner

This week, as a pet shop owner, Quinn was in charge of feeding Zoe. We also went to the pet store for a scavenger hunt. We found a gerbil's house, frog food, cat toys and doggie day care.

June 18, 2012

My house is peaceful when....

"my brother and I aren't grumpy, and we take naps" -- Quinn

Quote taken from kindercamp

June 11, 2012

Job 5 - toy designer

This week we talked about what makes a good toy versus a bad toy. We talked about different contexts, like airplane versus at home and different audiences, like girls, boys, and parents.

Quinn made a puzzle and several logo based cars and planes for Brock and Gavin (the son of the person that Pat is currently dating)

June 08, 2012


Throughly enjoyed playing Do-re-mi on the piano this morning. Both kids were singing along... What a warm fuzzy.

June 07, 2012

Job 4: Hostess

Quinn was a great hostess last week. For our Memorial Day party, she greeted all of the younger guests and would play with them. She helped set the table and bring out extra napkins.

Then she helped Popo get ready for her Maj game

And finally, when we went to a friends party (house warming), she helped light candles and clean up.

I think she really enjoyed being a hostess. It is a good thing. She comes from a long line of party throwers.