July 17, 2014

Turning 7

Lots going on around Quinn's Birthday. First the cool parts. We had a Pippi Longstocking themed double party. It included the show at Main Street Theatre, a backstage tour, and meet Pippi. We created Pippi cookies with vanilla wafers and red shoe string licorice. Then, the same day, we had a pool party with Pippi brownies. We were able to use the new water slide that Popo got Quinn for her birthday. You can tell that Quinn is growing. She has been eating an incredible amount. Like we would go to dinner, she would eat a normal amount of pizza, then 2 hrs later would be famished and eat 4 waffles. (2 is her usual breakfast amount). But with this growth, I don't think her hormones are able to keep up. She has incredible mood swings, with the smallest of triggers. Not getting her waffles made fast enough leads to a response of "You hate me". The slightest provocation from Brock leads to a screaming fit. I really hope she balances out soon.