August 14, 2012

Revisiting Dinner

An amazing milestone. When we were having dinner at 6pm, Quinn said that she didn't want dinner now, but that she would come back to it. Thinking that we were being tricked (as this meal was new, and certainly didn't meet her visual criteria for food) , we said okay and kept her dinner separate.

Later that night, just before bed, Quinn was now hungry. On her own, she said that she'd finish dinner now. So we gave it back to her, and she ate it. Flavorful ginger chicken. Awesome!

Family Meetings

We started family meetings this week. While Brock lost interest quickly, the meeting was an overall success. After a round of praise and kudos, we determined as a group that "Stop please" would be our phrase that indicates that the current action has gone to far. Then we had cookies (BTW the kids didn't like Sandies, clearly they can't be related to me), and watched a video.

August 01, 2012

Jobs: Critic, Buyer, Horticulturist, Author

As a critic, we tried new foods (she liked the Red Robin Burgers... the only burger she has liked), saw Brave  the movie (of course we liked it, but the bear part was a little scary), and evaluated some songs.

As a buyer, we shopped for items for Quinn's birthday party. We had to balance a budget, items appropriate for the hot outside weather, and the range of kids appropriateness (1 - 6  yrs old). We also worked on thinking about what others might like, not just what she wanted

As a horticulturist, She went shopping for a lemon tree. She had to evaluate the different trees and options with them. There was not as much maintenance involved with the tree this week as it rained everyday. There we compared and contrasted a horticulturist to a florist (who we talked to at length in the grocery store).

Quinn came up with the author idea on her own. She wanted to color pages from a coloring book and write a story about it. We've had to extend this job, as she is more focused on the coloring than on the writing. But she choose it, so we will see if she actually completes this job.