July 31, 2010


Says Quinn: "Jello (without fruit) just floats in my mouth. "

July 27, 2010

Modeling Child thought

Modeling the way a child thinks

var parentsResponse = "no"
var wishlist = ["fruit snacks","drink yogurt", "goldfish", "ceral bars"]

for each item in wishlist

repeat random(50)
{ ask ("Can I have " + item)}

Notice that parentsResponse doesn't change

July 24, 2010

Playdate with Colin

Whew-ee lots of running and jumping with Colin tonight. I hope she sleeps in

Everything 3

Now that she is three, Quinn wants 3% milk

July 19, 2010

Measurement report

Height: 37.25 in
Weight: 30lb 8oz

July 18, 2010

The consequence for hosting a 3 year old birthday party in our house...

is a house full of mosquitos....

3rd bday

Quinn had a great third birthday party. There was build your own muffins, there was plant your own seeds, there was create your own mayhem. Everyone had a good time

Swimming in the lake

Quinn's first time to swim in the lake off the boat happened today

July 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

First thing this morning, because it was her birthday, and because Quinn earned 50 stars (every 10 stars is 2 toes) on her start chart... we got to paint our toenails pink this morning. Everybody got painted toenails, including daddy

July 11, 2010

Best practices before engaging

If you have spent all day the zoo, you are sticky from sunscreen and facing a no-nap taking devil, take a shower first for yourself before putting the kids down.... It might delay there bedtime, and make one parent grumpy, but will give the other parent the tools to remain calm and get the job done.

How is a kid like a genie

You have to be very careful what you ask for. They are very tricky and will give you what you asked for, not what you intended...

Case in point, one of the items on her star chart is trying new food... So this morning at breakfast, she excitedly saw the donuts with sprinkles, and said "I want to try that as my new food today!!"

Damn, that's not what we ment!

July 09, 2010


Thanks to our older cousins, samantha 8, Molly & Emily 8, Logan 7, and a couple of friends Quinn is officially overstimulated... She had to come out and take a break... Wow

July 05, 2010


Quinn's first lost experience happened this weekend. I was going to the bathroom and Quinn wanted to follow me, but she didn't tell anyone. The ladies restroom was out of order, but the men's wasn't. So Quinn thought that I went to the far away restroom, when I actually went to the close one... And she got trapped inside the men's restroom. Kinda freaked her out a little bit.

July 04, 2010

First enjoyable fireworks

The fireworks that were over a mile away were very much enjoyed by Quinn who could barely even hear them.

platform dancing

So this two story playhouse that we've built for Quinn has now become a stage for her to boogie... it started with Shaggy's "Shake Shake Shake", and then proceeded to be a whole slew of interpretives dances after that.

giant erector set

So we got a build your own playground kit for Quinn and had a "mansion" assembled for her this morning.

"Wow.......wow.......wow......wow.......wow" was all Quinn said this morning.