June 07, 2010

Living in an egocentric world

So Quinn,Brock and I went to the San Antonio zoo by ourselves today. It wasn't horrible, but we certainly had issues.... like the fact that when Brock started to get hungry, Quinn had to pee... no problem - let's delay Brock a little bit.

Then we got some chicken nuggets and that was going to occupy Quinn while I fed Brock. No sooner then I started feeding Brock the bananas, Quinn says she has to go poop. I asked Quinn if she say any problem with me going to the bathroom with her at this time... she didn't. (even though Brock would SCREAM when I didn't feed him fast enough).

I delayed her a little bit, and was in the middle of giving Brock his milk and she said she had to poop again... so this time we all go to the potty. Brock is SCREAMING again, probably from the A/C -> hot outside -> dark bathroom transitions.... Nothing like a screaming baby in a closed in bathroom.

Quinn doesn't poop.

We head back to the restaurant and quinn is way done eating, but Brock still has a fair amount to go. Quinn starts saying lets go and running around the restaurant.

UGh, it is very frusturating when Quinn's whole view of the world is her and not how inconvienent her current needs are.

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