December 31, 2009

Nothing worse then a calm yet upset parent

Quinn decided to intentionally pee in her panties tonight. She lifted her dress, sat on the potty and announced that she was going to pee in her panties...then she did. I said that was not okay and I was upset with her.

I read her her two stories and sang her the two songs, then told her that I loved her but I wasn't going to stay tonight because she intentionally peed in her panties.

She of course cried about this... But I still left. Shortly she came out of her room crying. I, waiting at the door, caught her, gave her a big hug, a drink of water, laid her back down, and repeated that I loved her but wasn't staying.

This went on about a dozen more times. I finally told her I would stay, if she could tell me why I was upset. She said sobbing, "because I peed in my panties."

I said no, it is okay to pee in your panties if it is an accident and you didn't mean to, but it is not okay to knowingly pee in them.

I stayed for 5 minutes.... She was asleep in 2.

Woot!!! Peanut butter

Wow, Sabrina just got Quinn to eat apple and peanut butter! FYI peanut butter has been a "food I don't like" for a long time.

December 30, 2009

First Night

Quinn was quite concerned about Brock when she heard him crying at 4am. She promptly came down to our room to see what the matter was. I told her that he was just hungry and needed to get some milk from Mommy.

When taking her back to her room, she claimed that she was hungry too and wanted "something".... (that elusive something.... If I haven't posted about it yet, Quinn's way of saything that she is hungry is that she "needs something")

I told her that she could have some water or some grapes (trying hard not to accidentally introduce a late night feeding for her).... but she just kept on crying.

It took the special sleep-on-the-floor-with-daddy distraction to successfully escape the late night feeding / breakdown (Yea daddy... so many birds with one stone. Dad gets sleep, Quinn goes back to sleep, Brock gets to focus on eating, Mom doesn't have to deal with Quinn, and presumably no accidental parenting :))

December 29, 2009

The Meeting

Brought Brock home. Quinn was very excited to meet him. Sabrina and Popo were at home with Quinn when we came it. Quinn immediately wanted to help cover him with a blanket.
After a little coaxing, we got her hands washed and her sitting down, all the way back on the couch so that she could hold him. It is still going to be a struggle to be gentle, especially around his face.

Then Quinn certainly got excited and wanted to climb on Mommy and Daddy and the furniture near where Brock was. Management was a little challenging, because we were tired and Pam was still very sore.

Overall, I think she handled it really well.

December 28, 2009

Big Sister

Quinn just became a big sister (we told her earlier this morning, but she won't actually meet Brock for a little while).

December 27, 2009

Xmas Aftermath

Bad thing about Christmas, is that Quinn woke up every morning since asking to open more presents.

December 25, 2009

Christmas Peacock

Quinn kept talking about a peacock for Christmas... We had no idea what she was talking about until we went to put her down for her nap. We've been promising her for weeks that on Christmas, she could add the peacock sticker to her growth chart (as it would be able 6 months since we did it on her birthday).

But every time we mentioned Christmas this week, she mentioned a peacock....

Glad that we finally figured it out.

Lessons learned from Xmas

1) Make sure that you have enough *GOOD* batteries
2) The toys that you think are the coolest (jump over the rotating bee) are not the ones that the child thinks is the coolest (pretend birthday cake)
3) Unwrap, untie, install batteries, remove packaging before wrapping.... otherwise the first ten minutes of a toy are *YOU* playing with it to get it setup
4) Some things that say appropriate for 3 year olds, are really sized for 4 years olds (or at least tall 3 year olds..... sad that that hop ball is to big :( )

December 20, 2009

Need a phone for the meeting

I had Quinn come over to help me make rugelah again. Luckily she took a 20 minute power nap in the car which took the edge off the hyper activity. The rugelah once again turned out tasty but not good to look at. But Quinn helped so much. Then she decided to get ready for a "meeting." She put on a scarf and a hat, purse over the shoulder, name tag and necklace. But what she really needed was a phone. In her mind you can't go to a meeting without a phone. Hmmm. Wonder who she takes after?

Lamenting the loss of the nap

Three days, no nap. Ugh

December 19, 2009

Omar, Leora needs to talk to you

Quinn said this during a party after overhearing leora say it to Pam

December 18, 2009

Faking a fever

I'm pretty sure she can fake a fever. School called with 102... Picked her up at noon... By 2 pm no fever.. Bouncing around the house and walked over a mile to the playground. Certainly glad I stopped working for it.

December 16, 2009

Such a shy little girl

Had a collegue from work over for dinner last night. Not only did Quinn talk faster then I've ever heard before, she requested that he brush her teeth before bed. A total stranger.

December 14, 2009

Acts of defiance

Quinn has started spitting on her teachers and friends at school. This is different then her previous biting incident. She knows it is wrong, and proudly claims she is not listening...

We are now brainstorming how to resolve this issue, without encouraging future acts. (Quinn would easily make a connection to do something bad for a little bit, stop doing something bad, get a reward-repeat)

December 13, 2009

Baking at Popo's

Quinn slept over Friday night. She helped me prepare Sunday night's Chanukah dinner. Our rugelach making was a huge success...if you discount the way they look! :-) Quinn was a delight to cook with. She helped crack the eggs and put them in the bowl (only 2 little shells escaped); she pounded and rolled the nuts to break them up; she measured (with my help!) the cinnamon & sugar and dumped them in the bowl; she sprinkled (poured) the ingredients on to the dough. Lora (from water aerobics) had given her an apron/mitt/potholder set when Quinn was born. This was the first time for her to use the items. Darn! I forgot to take pictures! Hard to do when your fingers are a mess. At any rate, we had a wonderful evening - a great way to fill the time. Too bad the "tasting" gave her something of a sugar high and she didn't get to sleep till 10:00 PM!!! Plus, the half hour in the refrigerator for the dough to set turned into overnight. Not sure if that's why the yummies tasted great but were sad to look at!

December 12, 2009

Who could blame her

Massive meltdown. Refused to use the cold, dark, messy, toliet paper less porta-potty at lights in the heights. Was much happier peeing in the grass.


Quinn was ready to leave and I wasn't.. So she "set a timer on her phone" so I would know when it was time to leave:)

Sleep over at popo's

Quinn spent the night at popo's last night as a practice run. She had a great time, we had a great date night...

December 08, 2009

When your words come back to you

"Daddy, I need to see your butt to make sure it is clean."

Uhhh no.

December 05, 2009

M and m's

"I want another choke thing," refering to M and Ms

Kitchen Tricks

Quinn successfully cracked 9 eggs into a bowl for the carrot pudding we are making for the party. More the half of them was a perfect tap-tap-tap, and break in half. The others were a little more fractured, but overall no shell in the batter... yeah!

Then in another episode, Quinn was very adamant about putting sugar in her coffee like mommy. In a flash of brilliance by daddy, we offered her a "Special Quinn sized spoon" (smidgen measuring spoon) so she could add her own sugar to her coffee.. (her coffee is a cup of milk with 2 Tablespoons of coffee)

December 04, 2009

An inherent sense of order

While sitting with Quinn the other day, she was laying her painted (with water) Disney pictures out on the table in a row. Whenever she went to lay a picture down, she looked at it and made sure that it was facing in the same direction as all the other pictures. Did somebody teach her this or is it an innate sense of order?

Content watching a child

There is something about watching a child, in rainbow striped pajamas, eating a grape "popsicle" (ice cube with toothpick) while dipping it into grape juice, on a day that it is supposed to snow in Houston.

All seems right in the world :)