November 30, 2009

3 pts, nothing but net

Score... After several days of power struggles over dinner... We finally discovered a trick that works (for now). It started out by figuring out what was wrong with dinner. Was it too round? Nope... Try another bite.... Was it too cloudy? No... Try another bite... Then Quinn offered that it was a lion... We strongly disagreed saying she couldn't possibly eat lion... Another bite... Then an elephant, giraffe, flamingo, and suddenly almost all of dinner was eaten.

Happy dance!

November 29, 2009

Discovery about 4 day weekends

Apparently we only have enough patience for 3 days.

November 27, 2009

What happens when you eat 4 kiwis in a day?

Your poop ends up polka dotted with seeds

Bad combination

Scraped and runny nose is a very bad combination. :(

November 26, 2009

What doin'?

Quinn is so vocal - it's amazing to hear her compounds sentences and her big words (I've been teaching her "ambidextrous") :-) So in contrast, it's funny to hear her ask a simple "What doin'?" when she wants to know what you're doing.

Clumsy Quinn

I'm pretty sure that Quinn is growing.... she doesn't seem to be in sync with her body, she is very clumsy these last couple of days. Actually, yesterday she was so excited to see Harrison that she took off in a sprint down the driveway to see him... she wiped out and slid in the driveway.... Her nose, forward and chin got lots of road rash.

Then today, she is tripping over herself and bumping into things all over the place.

November 23, 2009

Great kichen helper

Not only did Quinn prick the pastry crust for the quiche for dinner tonight, but she helped us peel onions for Thanksgiving prep.


November 22, 2009


"let's go to Popo's house"
"not tonight"
"let's go to grandma's house"
"we have to go home..."
"let's go to Sue's house"

At this point I started writing this post.


At via colore, a cha cha came on and she said "I love chacha... Hurry dad, get there[ the stage] before it's [the song] is over.

Too cute

November 21, 2009

You missed it

As we are listening to one of quinn's favorite songs (dayenu), Pam and I started talking.. Quinn proclaimed that we had missed the song because of our talking.

A new shadow

Tia Mandy is in town visiting, and Quinn is hanging all over her. She stayed with us on Wednesday, and Quinn is still going to the guest room when she first wakes up.

November 15, 2009

Family loyalty or genetics

So we went to Weiss for associates dessert night and there was dozens of desserts to sample. Quinn only wanted the cake that we brought, which happen to be chocolate and coffee cake. So do you think that is because the cake came from us or the color of the cake?

November 14, 2009

What a mighty big sentance you have

"Let's go back to the Recycling Festival to get another tattoo and then come back and have lunch, okay?"

Direct quote...

November 13, 2009

It's the same as dance class

Gunatanamera came on in the car and Quinn got super excited saying it was a cha cha. It was the same as in dance glass.

November 08, 2009

Pricesses have boobies

This post really should have happened last week.... but we went to Weiss for Dinner and Pumpkin Caroling the day before halloween. This also happened to be the day before NOD (Night of Decadance) whose theme was the "Wonderful world of NOD". The students were painting the windows with X-rated Disney characters and Quinn said "Princesses have boobies." To which our response was calmly "Yes, all women have boobies." The students who were within earshot were totally busting up laughing.

Ice cream headache

Guess who just discovered to take small bites of ice cream.


Quinn said "I want to get dressed so we can go to the grocery store". Totally unprompted and spontaneous.

November 06, 2009

Daddy breakthrough

Quinn actually had a preference for daddy to put her to sleep tonight.... Yea happy dance.

We discovered constallations in her stars nightlight and sang songs while lying on the floor.

Skin the Cat

Pam had told me that Quinn could Skin the Cat (put her hands on the bar; out her feet through her hands and turn upside down). Today I captured it on the movie camera. Go Quinn! She is sooo flexible!!

November 01, 2009

Halloween Party

I took Quinn to Tina's yearly Halloween party tonight while Pam & Drew were working at the Rice dance competition. Quinn is amazingly adaptable. She helped herself to chips, apples and other "healthy" food, interacted with people she didn't know (none of her friends were there), watched the trick or treaters (there were 575 by 8:00 pm!) and generally had a good time. She went as a ballerina. She even put on a hippo hat. I asked her if I should wear a hippo on my head or wear my red hat. She said, "Wear a hippo, Popo, so we can match.!" I love the way she talks. ;-)