January 29, 2011

Best quote

Quinn, denying that she took a nap in the car, quite confidentally proclaimed "I wasn't sleeping when you woke me up!"

January 27, 2011

Not feeling well

Quinn complained today that her brain hurt (headache) and she was limping because of her staph infection. :( :(

January 25, 2011

Staph infection round two

Well looks like Quinn's staph infection on her molluscum came back

January 23, 2011


"Quinn, why are you so pouty?"
"Because I'm the princess and I miss my king [Colin]"

January 18, 2011


Quinn was quite pleased with the kiss she gave Collin while leaving class today.

January 16, 2011

Taking particularly yucky medicine

Child Medicine Follow up: Added Flavoring - worked once; added hersey's syrup - bubble gum medicine and chocolate = super yuk; mixed with food - massive battle over finishing food.... Final solution: Tell Quinn I have a super big problem and I need her help to solve it. Asked her what solutions that she could think to allow us to take the medicine. She said, Daddy, I'll just take it really fast and drink mango juice afterwards (sure this method was already tried, but since it was now her idea - no issue).... Three cheers for communication!

Mental Madlibs

So, I (Drew) have this "condition", where, based on my own belief, that my brain moves faster then my mouth, resulting in what I call Mental Madlibs... this is where I substitute other words that a similar to what I was intending to say.

Things, like I would need to say January, but would say July, as my mouth just fills in a "month that starts with J", or other similar style replacements.

Apparently Quinn "inherited" this condition from me. She is constantly calling me, mommy, and Pam, daddy, when she is excited as her mouth fills in "one of my parents"...

I'm just going to assume that that means that she is a fast thinker :)

January 10, 2011

What's in Arizona

When Quinn awoke from the plane trip, she asked if we were still in Arizona... I said you tell me... she said, well there are no catcus and no mountains, so we must be back in Houston....


Making Ice Cream

Quinn made chocolate ice cream tonight... it came out a little salty because the inner bag with the milk leaked a little and mixed with the salted ice.

Plane deliemma

So on the flight back from Arizona, Quinn negotiated to get a gourmet lollipop for the plane ride. She was super well behaved, and certainly earned it... but it was a super sticky mess everywhere.... was it worth it? probably for the good behavior.

January 08, 2011

First wedding

Quinn went to her first wedding today... She did fantastic through the whole thing.... And boy did we wear her out. She fell asleep in the restaurant during dinner. All of the running and dancing really did a number on her.

January 07, 2011

Excited for Arizona

Quinn was so super excited to go to Arizona today... Hard to describe her excitement, but it involved lots of jumping and running:)

January 04, 2011

Full time

We've moved Quinn to full time at school today.... This is to give Brock more one on one time with Sabrina now that he is walking.... Plus Quinn says that she misses her friends when she isn't at school.

January 01, 2011


Collin has a "tree swing" that is hung from the patio awning. It is about 4 feet in the air. Quinn, standing on an outside coffee table, is at eye level with the swing. She grabs the ropes, throws a leg over, and manages to get into and out of this swing on her own. Multiple times.

I was thoroughly impressed.

Hot tubbin

At the new years party for the kids... Quinn, Jonah, Moriah, Collin, and Adrian decided, without parental supervision, to all take a bath together.

And well it is so hard to get them to bathe anyways....we let them:)