October 19, 2010

Wonderful evening

There was Associates Night at Weiss college tonight, and Quinn and I went while Pam was at class. Quinn to GREAT! She was very appropriate all through dinner. Ate all of her sausage (bratwurst) and even got to have some ice cream. She enjoyed the German band, and even danced to a couple of polkas. It took her a long time to warm up to the partner folk dancing part (slap your legs, clap your hands, paddy-cake with partner stuff).

Then we jumped on the trampoline and went off to dance class. Quinn sat very quietly drinking a chai freeze and playing iphone games for at least 25 minutes before even attempting to bother us. Then, as instructed, she waited for the music to start before coming to talk to us. Around 9:15 (45 minutes after bedtime) she was more and more needy, but overall - I think we can call it a successful night of teaching with Quinn there.

Yeah! There is hope!

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