December 28, 2010

Quinn - hostess extordinaire

So for Brock's 1 year old birthday, we had 8 kids over, Brock being the youngest, and 6 being the oldest. Quinn happily entertained them all with hide-n-seek, singing in the microphone, and just all around sharing, running, and playing.

She certainly got the hosting gene.... passed from her great-grandmother, through her grandmother, father, and now to her.

December 25, 2010

Chocolate beet cake

Successful Xmas dinner with plenty of hidden veggies... including sweet potato biscuits and chocolate beet cake ( hugely successful, both in terms of taste (tasted like normal chocolate cake), and consumption

Volunteer Houston

Quinn has joined the ranks of Houston Volunteers. She joined me today - Christmas 2010 -to visit Brighton House Retirement Home with other holiday cheer givers. She helped pass out Christmas cards and cookies . Oh, well - she ate some of the cookies but she did pass out the cards. :-) She blew bubbles, jingled bells and my keys to Jingle Bells. She even gave one woman a hug before we left. She made the choice to not be shy so she interacted with everyone. What a cutie patootie. Everyone loved her! And she said she'd do it again next year.

December 11, 2010

Days of the week

Quinn has been practing her days of the week by looking at a calendar. We looked up everyones birthday and then figured out what day of the week it was

Miracles for the Holidays

So after nearly an hour of after school play... And rapidly melting down from hunger... We attempted going to Joes Crab Shack, fully expecting total failure.

Not sure if it was the staff dancin to car wash, the playground, or the immediate water crackers.... But we sucessfully ate 1.5 fish fingers (wow) and a whole thing of applesauce.

Miracles do happen :)

December 08, 2010

Willbury versus Millbury

So the street near us is Millbury, yet Quinn is convinced that part of the street is Willbury.

We were standing at the intersection of millbury and breaswood and I asked Quinn where was Willbury... Where was the "W"- hoping that she'd conceed that it wad indeed Millbury.

"Right there in the middle".... Which is true, right in the middle of Breaswood is a "w"

So I told her she was right, it must still be Willbury.

I was in shock..., I didn't expect to lose this one.

December 07, 2010

Mommy and school days

When I brought Quinn home from school on Monday- Pam was not home, having stayed late at work to finish her final. Quinn says, "where's mommy? She should be home. She doesn't have school tonight.". Pam's classes are on Tuesday an thursday. She's so observant!

December 01, 2010

Quinn's Fall 2010 Progress Report

Quinn seems to have adjusted to our classroom very easily! She enjoys being with her friends. She has a wonderful imagination and shares her ideas with her friends.

At times, Quinn becomes very verbal and begins to tell her friends what to do. We remind her that she is not the teacher; she then is able to redirect her thoughts and ideas.

Quinn is very enthusiastic as she participates in music and creative play, as well as, circle time conversation.

We are enjoying having Quinn in our classroom and look forward to a terrific year.