October 19, 2014

Quinn's creative writing: Yellowstone's storty

On her own, without prompt, direction or assignment; Here is a story from Quinn.  I'm (Daddy) retyping this leaving the spelling and punctuation as she wrote it. She also wants it to be known that this is her first draft.

/////// Yellowstone's story ///////
I was sitting on a bench watting (waiting) for someone to need a hero. Suddenly Yellowstone herd (heard) a car crash. BOOM! A baby cry. WAA! Then she was there. There was Red Scarlet and her crew. Mia Moonstone, Sophie Sapphire, Strawberry, Ruby, and the one and only boy Ethan Emerald. Come on she demandid (demanded). She's rite (right) there said Red Scarlet. You see Red Scarlet needed Yellowstone becuase (because) she needed one more person on her team. But Yellowstone said NO! Red Scarlet was furious! She said if you are not with me you are against me and then the fight began. Yellowstone shot a lighting (lightning)  bolt. Red Scarlet shot a fire ball. Red Scarlet's crew said why are we fighting. Red Scarlet said join in and the crew joined in with Yellowstone. With me she screamed! Then they ran over to Red Scarlets side. But it was to (too) late. She was defeated. Do you think that Red Scarlet leaned (learned) her lesson? NO! In fact she still robed (robbed) banks and took jews (jewels). Mean while Yellowstone was erning (earning) melals (medals) and tiring (trying) to find a way to keep her in jail for good. Fialy (Finally) got her in jail for good and Yellowstone earned her 155 (155th) mela (medal) and as for her crew they became Yellowstone's crew.