May 25, 2010

So much rational thinking

Amoungst the crying and the tantrums, there is so much rational thinking that is going on in there.

I don't want to use my bathroom, I want to use the other [utility room] bathroom

Eventual Calm Logical Reason:
I can reach the light there myself.

I want to unscrew the top of the toothpaste, instead of using the easy flip top lid

Eventual Calm Logical Reason:
I won't get toothpaste on the lid if I take it off

I'm scared of monsters... I don't want Grover to eat me.

Eventual Calm Does Not Compute brain fry:
I'll send Grover away and maybe Elmo can come to my room. "But Elmo IS a monster," I said. "No he's not". "He is covered in red hair, like Grover is covered in blue hair"


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