September 20, 2012

Quinn's sense of humor

Tonight was open house at Kindergarten. There was a game, "How well do you know your kids", where the kids had filled out some answers, and the parents were supposed to fill out the same questions to see if they matched. Ms. Glapion, the teacher, said don't feel bad if you don't guess them correctly, because some of the kids were making up answers... like their 2nd favorite color. I said, that sounds like Quinn, and Ms. Glapion was quick to confirm that yes, Quinn was the tricky one in the group who decided to write down intentionally incorrect answers.

So I guess her 2nd favorite color is yellow :)

September 18, 2012

Skating Achievement

Quinn was able to roller skate two blocks to the park today. Granted it was *really* slow and holding my hand most of the time, but it was her on her skates non-the-less.

September 06, 2012

Kindergarten reports

So in one week in  kindergarten, Quinn has reported learning the following

  • Days of the week in Spanish song
  • Marcarena dance routine (with different words)
  • High frequency words like: a, an, and, is, for
  • Vowels

September 05, 2012

Adrienne mournful cry

For whatever reason, when she is not physically touching Adrienne (or any of her other best friends that are within sight), Quinn gives this loud mournful cry... " AAAA DDD R IIIII ENNNNEEEEEE"

At first it is cute, but gets old very fast.


We went to the Schlitterbahn in New Braunfles this past weekend. Quinn had a great time on both the big and little slides. She particularly loved the wolf pack, "yellow" slide. This was a very tall ride that required a tube to ride down. Daddy ended up facing backwards going down the ride.

I had told Quinn to tell me when things were coming up because I couldn't see them. She didn't say anything. I made a big deal about not knowing when I was going to be in a turn or to be sprayed. And she just laughed. She thought it was hysterical.


Quinn started kindergarten last week. She has Ms. Glapion as her G/T teacher. During the first week they learned safety procedures, like fire drills and hurricanes. She is very excited to be the line leader during EVERY fire drill.

From the parents perspective, school is a very hands-off kinda place. Drop your kid off at the door, and pick em up outside. That takes some getting use to.

Jobs: Reporter, Resort Manager, Makeup Artist, Anthropologist

As a reporter, Quinn observed and reported what the new camp building was like. We also watch videos of news reporters and studied newspaper articles.

Being a resort manager wasn't that great. As a family we went to La Torrenta on Lake Conroe, and was expecting to see lots of people doing lots of jobs on the resort, but we really didn't. We observed the receptionists, valet, cafe workers, lifeguards, and the people who made the smores.

Makeup artist was fun. Quinn and Sabrina went to Sephora to learn how to put on makeup. Quinn and Popo did clown makeup. We got some books from the library about beauty makeup and special effects makeup. We also watched a trailer for Face-Off to see some of the special effects makeup in action.

As an anthropologist, Quinn had to learn the rules and customs of a new culture (Kolter Elementary). We also read some Greek mythology stories and talked about how sometimes cultures made up stories to explain things that they didn't understand.