January 15, 2010

Problem Solver

Quinn is very good at solving problems. Twice today she came through. Pam had wanted me to take a picture of Coach Carrie from gymnastics so Quinn could put it on her calendar board. I was explaining to her that we'd have to wait till next time as I had forgotten my camera. She said, " You can use your phone, Popo." Duh. Why didn't I think of that? Well, I haven't yet conquered all the mechanics of my new phone. I asked Quinn how to take a picture with it. She came running, but the coach helped me first.

When gymnastics is over the coach gives the kids stamps. Quinn loves to get them on her hands, feet and belly. The problem today was that, for the first time, she was wearing a leotard. I could almost hear the wheels turning as she was trying to figure out how she could get a stamp on her belly since she couldn't pull up her shirt. She figured it out - she slipped her arm out of one side of the leotard so she could pull it down to expose the area. It's just always a hoot to see what she'll do next. :-)

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