December 26, 2011

Suess Themed Christmas Dinner

This year's Christmas dinner was themed Dr. Suess.

So here is our menu

Munchies :  The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins - Bugles and cheese dip
Salad : Gertrude McFuzz berries - Pomegranate & poppy seed salad
Main entrée : Who roast beast - Christmas rib roast
Veggies side : The turtles of Sala-ma-sond - Cashew Green Beans
Starch side : truffula trees - sweet potato puffs (using rosette tip of pastry bag)
Starch side 2: Who-hash - wild rice patties
Fruit : truffula fruits - Feijoa ( a tropical fruit with a pear like texture)
Bread : Yertle the turtle - pagnotta (from central market)
Dessert : Who-pudding - Chocolate pots de creme

December 23, 2011

First Movie

Successfully watch Arthur Christmas in the theaters today. What a great birthday present

December 10, 2011

Teaching Brock to play

Quinn, is a little rough when playing with Brock. I told her that she is teaching him the way to play, so when he is 4 and as strong as she is- he will be hitting her.

Quinn's response: "You won't remember"

"Maybe, how does my not remembering change the fact that he will hit you?"

"Because, you'll put him in timeout for hitting"

Clearly, I'm dealing with a mastermind here. She is only 4.5!

December 09, 2011

Content with coloring

Wow, never thought we'd get to the point where we could be happy coloring without getting bored. There is hope

November 27, 2011

Three Wishes

Quinn, having rediscovered her wishing stones from the Ren fest has these 3 to offer:

  1. Wishes she could visit a princess castle
  2. Wishes she could be a nurse
  3. Wishes Adrienne was part of her family

November 15, 2011

Eating and incentives

So we've started a new incentive program this week.

Just as a refresher, Quinn is extremely particular about what she eats, and will often refuse food based on look, mood, or any other whim. So we incentivized it.

I struggled about this, and I think/hope I have a good solution. Basically bites for minutes... Here is the gist.

She loves to watch videos, and they are usually restricted to the weekend. But with the new incentive she could watch them during the week.

If she eats (swallows) a food that she has had before, she gets one minute for the whole meal.
A new grain / protein/ dairy = 1 minute per bite
A new vegetable = 2 minutes per bite
A new "mixed" food (Casseroles, sauces,etc) = 3 minutes per bite.

Then for rewards we have

1 minute = Sesame Street video from the website, (most are about a minute long)
2 minutes = Zoodle (this is a kids app that usually pulls appropriate clips from YouTube, about two minutes)
5 minutes = Sesame Street podcast.
10 minutes = Mother Goose by Jim Henson available on Netflix instant download (she loves these)
30 minutes = Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, Dora, etc
60 minutes = Sesame Street episode, BackYardigans, Thomas, etc
60 minutes with at least 12 veggies = Feature length movie (Tangled, Princess and the Frog, etc)

Our goal is not only to get her to eat, but to not complain, try new foods, and eat a well rounded meals.

Learning objectives include

  • New food can taste good
  • How long a minute is
  • Clock math (the tracking sheets are set up like a clock)
  • Delayed gratification / accumulation (saving for a better video) (although that hasn't happened yet)

Learning outcomes so far

  • Baked potato isn't good yet, even when mixed with jelly (barely even touched the tongue before it was rejected)
  • Edamame isn't good yet, even though she was really hoping it would have worked for her. (she spit it out convincing herself that she was going to throw up)
  • Corn, while vehemently opposed to it on principle, actually is okay. 9 bites == 18 minutes
  • Chicken Florentine (Chicken, Spinach, Pasta, Sauce), is okay if you scrape off the spinach pieces and stick to the chicken. 4 bites = 12 minutes
  • Accumulation hasn't happened yet. 
    • Day 1: 2 minutes = 1 x Zoodle
    • Day 2: 30 minutes = 3 x Mother Goose
Hopefully the reward isn't so great that she doesn't feel the need to save up.
But she is excited about earning minutes. This could be a good thing. 

November 12, 2011

New words

Not sure if she'll remember tomorrow but Quinn learned 2 new words today and used them several times: random and complicated. I used them once, explained them to her and she proceeded to use them in sentences of her own.

November 11, 2011

The Coasters

Amazing! On the kids mix, Yakety Yak came on, and Quinn identified it as the same artist who sang Charlie Brown. Awesome!

Ricochet Sandwich

From the song Rubber Biscuit, there is a phrase that says "A ricochet biscuit is the kind of a biscuit that's supposed to bounce back off the wall into your mouth. If it don't bounce back, (hee hee hee).... you go hungry!"

Quinn says "You don't have to go hungry... just make another sandwich" - LOVE IT!

November 06, 2011


Btw, Quinn went swimming today! Crazy!

November 05, 2011

Accessible Movies Rock

So we went to Discovery Green tonight to watch Toy Story 3. I had very low expectations, as dinner was all about meltdowns. Anyways, the show was accessible to hearing and visually impaired,  which means that a "narrator" described everything that was going on for the visually imparied folk. PERFECT! Not a single "What's happening now", "Who is that", "Why did that happen", "What's going to happen".... it was all perfectly narrated.

I wished I had discovered this 30 years ago for my sister!

Food battles

I don't get it... I just don't. And it is frustrating as hell! Tonight's dinner fish sticks and homemade mac and cheese. Totally failed. Fish sticks are normally a very acceptable and requested food. Quinn ate every single ingredient going into the mac and cheese as we were making it, yet put it all together and it makes her throw up (actually she convinces herself that she is going to be sick if she eats it, and creates a self-fulling prophesy.

I honestly think that it is the fact that there is Halloween candy around (although thankfully not alot, thanks to the Great Pumpkin :) )... but she wants the candy for dinner, knowing that it happens after dinner, creates a power struggle that she wants to win.


October 30, 2011

Theater Movie Failure

Took Quinn to her first theater based movie today( Lion King 3d). We lasted about 30 seconds (not even one full preview). She complained that it was too loud and she didn't want to stay.... bummer

October 29, 2011

Eye Quivers

I hope that she never loses it, because it is the coolest thing to see. When Quinn is tired, her eyes will occasionally quiver, especially as she is fighting sleep. It is not something that she can do consciously, but literally back and forth about 6x per second, usually lasting only a second or so.

I'm remarking on it tonight, because usually it is expected (to us) and don't remember to blog about it... but tonight / today Quinn isn't feeling well. She had a temperature since mid day and ended up taking 2 naps. (She normally doesn't take any). The last nap ended at 6. So by 9 (the time she is normally asleep (bedtime starts around 8:30), my expectation was that should wouldn't be tired. And she was meeting my expectation, was awake, not wired, as I still think that she felt off, even after the medicine, but singing and reading and otherwise fully engaged.

And that is when I noticed the quiver. I started singing some bedtime songs, which she sung along with me. Then the next thing I new she was sleeping. It kind of reminded me of the scene from "A Princess Bride" where he says laughing, "Never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line", then keels over. (BTW I don't look at her while singing as it makes the bedtime songs less engaging, so when I did look back she was asleep - but moments before, she was singing with me).

October 17, 2011

Active Alphabet book

Quinn seemed to love the Active Alphabet Book that Popo and Tia Mandy wrote and illustrated (with Daddy's motto - "work to completion".) She read/sang it four times!!! It made all of us involved smile hugely. :-)

October 15, 2011

Ren fest

Even though we only got 5 hrs of sleep the night before, because of a sleep over, Quinn dud an amazing job of not crying or whining at Ren Fest. She traded dragon tears with all of the prettiest fairies (great idea Pam!), saw lots of shows, rode some rides... And of course got our face painted. She even did a good job of sharing the wagon with Brock and Adrianne.

October 09, 2011


Quinn was talking about fire safety at school and asked us what our fireplan is. So we talked to her about what we would do in case of a fire. It is interesting to watch a really good problem solver grapple with these ideas. We told Quinn, if she couldn't get to mommy and daddy safely, it would be okay to go out her window. Then she said, she doesn't know how to open the window, and we said that in a fire, she could break her window if she couldn't get it open, even if we showed her how to open it. We gave her permission to break the rules, if it meant keeping her safe. She seemed to agree.... and after she got to our neighbors house and made sure that 911 was called, she would call Abbycadaby from Sesame Street to come and fix the broken window.  I love the partial real world that she can live in :)

October 07, 2011

Ballgown entracement

Mommy tried on her old ballgown for the kids this morning. They were completely entranced. Quinn said that she wanted to grow big so that she could have a ballgown too.

October 01, 2011

Insightful little girl

So the day that I leave for a 5 day conference, Quinn asks how long will I be gone. I tell her I'll be back Thursday. She says that's a really long time, you are going to be really tired when you get back. :)

So true

September 27, 2011

Fantastic Reasoning skills

So, often times we double up stacking chairs instead of using a booster to get Quinn to the correct height at dinner. Tonight, we were at Rice, and Matt, on of our first years, was teasing Quinn about sitting on two chairs. Quinn's retort was "I'm not sitting on two chairs, I'm sitting on one chair - the 2nd chair is under the one I'm sitting on".

Well you can't beat that logic, now can you.

September 23, 2011

Role Model

"Sometimes I wish I didn't have a brother, so I could do whatever I wanted and didn't have to be a rule [sic] model all the time." -- Quinn

Life is good :)

September 21, 2011

Sinus Infection

For the record, Quinn just got a sinus infection. She has been congested all week, but last night it switched to a fever and Dr. confirmed the infection. On a lighter note, there are once a day antibiotics which must be super strong, as the retail price lists them at $600!

September 18, 2011

Suspected allergic reaction

We have a suspicion that Quinn might have a mild allergic reaction to canned sloppy joe mix.

September 14, 2011

Nighttime milestone

So part of Quinn's earning stars for gum requirements are either to fall asleep during songs, or to say goodnight and allow mommy or daddy to leave the room. Last night she wasn't asleep during the songs, so I asked her if she was going to say good night to me. She said that she was thinking about it.

She said that she couldn't decide.

I said, Let's try. I'll stand in the hallway.

She agreed, and so for the first time with a parent, Quinn while still actively awake, went to sleep alone in her room.


And just for the record, she has had 17 days in a row of earning stars, and 33 stars earned since Aug 1st.

September 05, 2011

Graffiti mitzvah

While at the playground, we discovered that some inconsiderate person wrote lots of graffiti on the playground equipment. Instead of swinging and playing, Quinn on her own, decided that she wanted to help clean it up (Daddy was already working on it). We spend some time with the baby wipes that we had, getting some of it off. Then after lunch, Quinn and Mommy went back with cleaning supplies. She, mommy, and other playground friends removed all of the graffiti from the playground!

Star Charts and gum

Quinn has been earning gum nearly every third day. She gets a star for falling asleep during songs (as opposed to trying to stay awake and keep mommy/daddy hostage until she settles down) and staying in her bed until morning. The she gets two consecutive stars, they double. 5 stars = gum. After nearly a year of trying this, it is finally taking hold and she is able to do it 5-6 days a week.


September 03, 2011


Even though she watched it at Adrienne's during her last sleepover, we watched Tangled today as a family.

August 23, 2011

Tying shoes

Quinn just tied her own shoes today

Stomping fun

45 minutes of stomp rocket fun at the children's museum

Practicing falling

This weekend we had Quinn practice falling off the ski trainer and being alone in the lake, while we circled around for her. She'll be real skiing soon :)

August 02, 2011

Pizza Planet

Quinn's create-your-own visor from school had a space theme. Rocket ships, stars, suns, moons and Saturn (representing the planets)... She refused to call Saturn anything other then the Pizza Planet.

July 31, 2011

That's just for decoration

Quinn scraped her right arm just on the back of the armpit today. I told her to crawl into bed, as I didn't want to pick her up - so as not to hurt her. She said you can pick me up from this arm (left), this arm (right) is just for decoration.

So cute!

(BTW Pam later informed me that while teaching follows to dance, that she often refers to the right arm as decoration... the jury is out if that is where Quinn got it from, or if it was just a cute recognition that she was unable to use her arm, like decorations are just to look at).

July 26, 2011


So from the girl who lives "pink"... pink clothes, pink room, pink everything - doesn't like pink milk (made from Berry Berry Kix)

July 25, 2011


Quinn skied 1/2 of the cove all by herself today

July 23, 2011

Here's your hat, what's your hurry?

Several of my friends came over to Pam & Drew's house to 1) see Mandy (who was visiting from San Diego), 2) see Pam & Drew's house (hadn't seen it since they moved in) and 3) see Quinn and Brock (hadn't seen them since Brock was very little). Mary Beth was going to the dog show after the visit, so she brought her 4 year old grand daughter Annabelle with her. The girls right away played dress up and had a good time together. However, at some point Annabelle didn't share as quickly as Quinn thought she should. So Quinn said, ever so politely, "Isn't it time for you to go to the dog show?" and she ran to her room and brought back Annabelle's clothes. I thought that was a brilliant strategy Quinn had for handling the situation!

July 19, 2011


Quinn was quite happy with herself for slyly putting on mom's deodorant - even though we told her not to. After scolding her and explaining that she was too young for deodorant and that it might hurt her skin... her underarm started hurting (I'm pretty sure mostly psychological) - so we took a shower to wash it off.

After much crying, I'm pretty sure that she won't do that again.

July 16, 2011

4th birthday party

We had our rock star performer party today... All if the kids dressed in costume, got pix by Dan Mohr for the cup favors, Janet lead the Arts Alive part, and everyone iced their own cupcakes.

Then we got Quinn a new bed that has a bunk play space. It was a lot of effort to get here, but she loves it. We also got her skates, but in retrospect, I think that might be a year too early. And clearly the lilac nail polish was a hit. (For historical documentation sake, when Quinn was two, we said she could paint her fingernails when she was four- so this was a major milestone in her mind)

Playful roughhousing

After a little playful roughhousing, Brock accidentally gave Quinn a bloody nose for her 4th birthday.

July 04, 2011

Counting money

Quinn was over counting coins. We put the quarters in stacks. We had five stacks. I asked her how many stacks she had and she replied, "Four." I looked at her funny and she explained, "These 4 are my stacks. That one is yours."

Continuing on, we spread all the coins out to count them. I suggested we put them in lines so it would be easier to keep track of the coins she had counted. She said, "Or you can just pick them up as I count them."

I've been out thunk by a not quite 4 year old. Sigh.

July 03, 2011

Pgh Trip continued

The kids had a great time in DC. Quinn pretended that Samantha was her sister while they were doing cartwheels on the grass. Nathan was a huge help pushing the stroller and helping everyone climb.

What does Quinn remember most? The fact that she got gummy's and a lollipop on the plane home (she did a fantastic job on the plane).

June 26, 2011

Pgh trip

Well, we avoided near disaster when Popo brought our left toy backpack to the airport.

Everyone did great on the plane, but safety pops where quite messy for Brock.

Had a great time at the family reunion and then spent a couple of hours with Brian, Savanah, Conner, and Cadence.

On Sunday, had breakfast with Pappy and Cindy. Then a fantastic picnic at Tom and Jennifer's where we saw Maria, Peter, and the Foote gang again.

After several mishaps and misunderstandings around the rental car - we left three hours later than the we wanted (8pm instead of 5). Brock didn't fall asleep until near 10. It is a quarter to 11 and Quinn, Samantha, and Nathan are still awake watching videos.

June 13, 2011

Cautious bravery

I'm so proud of Quinn today.
First I'm proud of her for wanting to ride her bike down the big hill at Godwin park. Second, I'm proud of her for figuring out how
to drag her bike up the hill ( she ended up pulling the front handlebars while manually turning the front wheel). Finally I'm proud of her for deciding not to ride down the hill once she got to the top. Brave, creative, and cautious - what a fabulous combination.

Pineapple burns

After sucking on the core and having about fifteen pieces of pineapple, Quinn ended up "burning" her tongue from the bromelian (the enzyme in pineapple that causes that sensation... It is also used as a meat tenderizer)

June 05, 2011

Ski trainer

Quinn skied and stood up on the ski trainer today

May 28, 2011

Learning disappointment

Even though we missed our flight to San Jose, I'm quite pleased with our ability to tell Quinn "that what you are feeling right now is disappointment."

One point for emotional intelligence training. :)

May 26, 2011

Lost shoes

FYI, clear plastic jelly shoes disappear in the ocean instantaneously. Lesson learned - kids water shoes should be brightly colored

May 15, 2011

Dr Suess nightmares

Daddy screwed up. As customary on the weekends I let her watch a video... We were going to watch Sid the Science Kid, but on the home screen was a Dr Suess movie (I think it was a tv series), which Quinn wanted to see. I've like the other Dr Suess videos and stories we have seen, so we went ahead and watched it.... Now Quinn is having nightmares (and she has only been asleep for an hour). Crap!

May 13, 2011

Quinn's Spring 2011 Progress Report

It has been a delight to have Quinn in our class this year!! She is always proud of her ability to sign in daily.

Quinn is very creative when playing with her peers, both at centers in the classroom or outside. Occasionally we continue to remind Quinn she is not the "boss" or "teacher." She quickly re-approaches the situation and restates the comment. We are proud of Quinn's success.

We know next year will be a terrific year for Quinn in Pre-K!!! Thank you for sharing Quinn with us!!

I've got bad news quote

"I've got bad news.... Brock is following me." --Quinn

May 09, 2011

Sleeping at dinner

Yesterday, we somehow managed to exhaust Quinn so much that she fell asleep during dinner. Literally mid-bite.

May 07, 2011

Reading and words

I was reading, waiting for Quinn to go to sleep. I don't know if someone said this to her or if she made it up, but I loved it: She said, "You read in your imagination. Sometimes I talk in silent words."

Quinn wins

Quinn and I were trying to decide who was hungrier. I raised one hand and said I was hungrier. She raised one hand and said she was hungrier. I raised the other hand. She raised the other hand. I raised a leg. She raised a leg. I raised the other leg. So did she. I said we must both be equally hungry. She said she raised her head so she was the hungriest! It's tough when a 3 1/2 year old beats you at your own game. It was just the kind of argument Drew would have won at that age too. It's really fun to see him getting his own back. :-)

May 06, 2011

Sounding like mom

Well I've heard two quotes from Quinn that are straight from her mom:

What the hay!
Mother of god!

May 03, 2011

What's daddy's job

So, as we dropped off Quinn at school, a recent art project was hanging on the wall entitled "What does your daddy do at work?"

Quinn's project said: "He helps John" :)

This is referring to John Bennett, a co-worker and friend who has been over to dinner several times.

May 01, 2011

Thank you to myself

Quinn, who happened to help choose my new deodorant, said it smelled "Wonderful!" and that she needed to say thank you to herself, for choosing it.

"Thank you self.... hehe hehe hehe"

April 11, 2011

360Flex conference

Quinn loved meeting some of my friends from the conference. She also enjoyed learning about pool (billiards).

April 09, 2011

Role model

Teaching Quinn the word role model and what it means. I think she likes having that job

April 08, 2011


Trip to Denver for daddy's conference and to see Jee Sun and Leah.... Despite crappy customer service from United, a pretty good travel day overall

April 05, 2011


Mild miracle tonight... Quinn says she does not like spinach but she does like leaves... So while she was munching on spinach leaves from our separated salad, I asked if she knew what spinach looked like. She confidently said yes.

March 28, 2011

Fiesta & SeaWorld

What a crazy weekend! Frontier Fiesta with a 4 variety shows (including Alice in Wonderland) on Saturday. The road trip to San Antonio.

We got to SA around 11, and Quinn was still awake! and wanted to jump on the bed at the hotel.

Then we spent most of Sunday at the Bay Of Play in Seaworld. Followed by Kiddie Park and then Magic Time Machine.

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

March 25, 2011

Beetle juice

Quinn got the 2nd round of blister beetle juice for her molluscum. It looks like it is working, but the blisters also seem irritated so Quinn is complaining about the hurting. I hope she is able to sleep soundly tonight.

March 22, 2011

Darn Purim nightmares

Quinn had a nightmare about Haman, the bad guy in the Purim story.

It really freaked her out, because normally she goes right back to sleep... But not this time... She was up for a couple of hours.

Daddy hero

Daddy got to save the day when he rushed home to get costumes for Quinn when we forgot it was dress up day at school.

March 19, 2011

Alexandar and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Took Quinn to see this show today. She loved it. It is too bad that there were lots of negative messages... Teasing, dentists hurt, hurting peoples feelings..

Lots of teaching points, but it is hard to do in the middle of show.

March 16, 2011

Mac too flat

Apparently the mac and cheese was too "flat" for human consumption

March 09, 2011

Thoughtful art project

Quinn made a "book" art project tonight that she then told Pam that she could read it in case she got a headache. Then she ran to leave it next to her bed...

How insiteful

February 26, 2011

"Facing" frustration

If I can only figure out how to clamly get Quinn to see that grabbing Brock's face is a bad idea and not to to constantly be frustrated and mad at her when she does it.

February 23, 2011

Signs of Intelligence

The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quinn says tonight that one is big and small. Brock is one and he is becoming a big boy, yet he is still small. He is both, or maybe medium.

February 16, 2011

Guitar Pickin'

This morning, a folk song came on the ipod, Quinn ran to grab her guitar and was playing along with the song. It was great!

Which Outfit

Quinn, most certainly is a girl, as she had gone through 3 outfits this morning before we even left for school

Dinner tantrum

Not sure why, but having a spaghetti pizza (which was quite well received previously) resulted in a hug tantrum... but we came up with a good new dinner policy. You can have fruits and vegetables now, but if you want something else - you have to wait until everyone else is done eating...

Then at least she has to calmly wait while she is starving, or at least eat something healthy.

February 08, 2011

First haircut

Can't believe that it took 3.5 years to cut quinn's hair.

February 06, 2011

To young to be a teenager

So when we asked Quinn what all she did at her sleepover, knowing full well that they went to Stomping Grounds, Lupe Tortillia's and played at Adrian's house, all she said was "I don't know"

February 05, 2011


Quinn just left for her first sleepover with Adrian! Yeah!

January 29, 2011

Best quote

Quinn, denying that she took a nap in the car, quite confidentally proclaimed "I wasn't sleeping when you woke me up!"

January 27, 2011

Not feeling well

Quinn complained today that her brain hurt (headache) and she was limping because of her staph infection. :( :(

January 25, 2011

Staph infection round two

Well looks like Quinn's staph infection on her molluscum came back

January 23, 2011


"Quinn, why are you so pouty?"
"Because I'm the princess and I miss my king [Colin]"

January 18, 2011


Quinn was quite pleased with the kiss she gave Collin while leaving class today.

January 16, 2011

Taking particularly yucky medicine

Child Medicine Follow up: Added Flavoring - worked once; added hersey's syrup - bubble gum medicine and chocolate = super yuk; mixed with food - massive battle over finishing food.... Final solution: Tell Quinn I have a super big problem and I need her help to solve it. Asked her what solutions that she could think to allow us to take the medicine. She said, Daddy, I'll just take it really fast and drink mango juice afterwards (sure this method was already tried, but since it was now her idea - no issue).... Three cheers for communication!

Mental Madlibs

So, I (Drew) have this "condition", where, based on my own belief, that my brain moves faster then my mouth, resulting in what I call Mental Madlibs... this is where I substitute other words that a similar to what I was intending to say.

Things, like I would need to say January, but would say July, as my mouth just fills in a "month that starts with J", or other similar style replacements.

Apparently Quinn "inherited" this condition from me. She is constantly calling me, mommy, and Pam, daddy, when she is excited as her mouth fills in "one of my parents"...

I'm just going to assume that that means that she is a fast thinker :)

January 10, 2011

What's in Arizona

When Quinn awoke from the plane trip, she asked if we were still in Arizona... I said you tell me... she said, well there are no catcus and no mountains, so we must be back in Houston....


Making Ice Cream

Quinn made chocolate ice cream tonight... it came out a little salty because the inner bag with the milk leaked a little and mixed with the salted ice.

Plane deliemma

So on the flight back from Arizona, Quinn negotiated to get a gourmet lollipop for the plane ride. She was super well behaved, and certainly earned it... but it was a super sticky mess everywhere.... was it worth it? probably for the good behavior.

January 08, 2011

First wedding

Quinn went to her first wedding today... She did fantastic through the whole thing.... And boy did we wear her out. She fell asleep in the restaurant during dinner. All of the running and dancing really did a number on her.

January 07, 2011

Excited for Arizona

Quinn was so super excited to go to Arizona today... Hard to describe her excitement, but it involved lots of jumping and running:)

January 04, 2011

Full time

We've moved Quinn to full time at school today.... This is to give Brock more one on one time with Sabrina now that he is walking.... Plus Quinn says that she misses her friends when she isn't at school.

January 01, 2011


Collin has a "tree swing" that is hung from the patio awning. It is about 4 feet in the air. Quinn, standing on an outside coffee table, is at eye level with the swing. She grabs the ropes, throws a leg over, and manages to get into and out of this swing on her own. Multiple times.

I was thoroughly impressed.

Hot tubbin

At the new years party for the kids... Quinn, Jonah, Moriah, Collin, and Adrian decided, without parental supervision, to all take a bath together.

And well it is so hard to get them to bathe anyways....we let them:)