April 30, 2009

El parque zoológico

Quinn loves to go to "el parque zoológico". This visit we rode el Carrusel twice (elefante y madrill). We went to the petting zoo and the farm (cabra, borregos, ovejas, gansos, cerdo). We said hola to los ciervos, went to la cueva de los murcilagos, played in El parque de Agua. Other animals that Quinn likes a lot are : pelicanos, patos, flamencos, monos, leones, tigres, osos, zorro, okapi, elefantes y girafas. On the way out the zoo she like to watch the sea lion (leon maritimo) show. And never forget to see the red panda "Tobbi".

April 29, 2009

Loved loved loved the splash park

Jan from school said Quinn had a great time at the splash park. She ran and ran. Said she was taking a pix of other kids and Quinn just appeared in the shot.

April 28, 2009

Daily review

Before bed, quinn will run through her day... Telling about all of the memorable events.

Today's big event, was being scared by a dog in a car that barked when we approached. She mentioned it several times in her review.

April 26, 2009

Watching Videos

On sunday, Mom and Dad went to catch a movie and had friends Dan and Leora sit. Quinn had missed her nap and was quite exhausted. We told Dan and Leora that she could watch a movie until bedtime (Sesame Street Sleepytime) to help wind down.

She was so excited, every couple of minutes she would look at Dan and say "video" - like she was just amazed that she was actually watching.

Getting past Harrison's

We tried to go to the park and the bayou, and to various other areas.... but all Quinn wants to do is to run down the street and play with Harrison, the neighbor boy. Not a complaint, but I really wanted to go to the new park.

April 25, 2009

Right on the beat

While a playing "I just can't wait to be king" Quinn was able to drum right on beat.

April 24, 2009

Great potty day

We went to the potty 4 times today. And one was a poop! Yea! Thanks Caroline for the reminders!

April 21, 2009

Exercise and potty training

I realized today that working out and potty training are related
1) It is easier NOT to do it
2) Some times you can say "potty" or "I'm going to exercise" but you kick and scream when someone actually takes you
3) Some times you you think you are ready and get dressed or undressed to go, you sit on the seat (potty or bicycle) and nothing really happens.... Although you reward yourself for getting to the seat
4) When you do manage to go successfully, you give yourself a little cheer, and brag (or blog) about it

April 20, 2009

Shared interests

I think pam enjoys having someone with whom she can take off her shoes and walk around a fountain with. Esp in work clothes.

No potato

Instead of saying her usual "next song please" she added "no potato" because a sing called potato soup was playing.

Shopping with uncle pat

Pat, Quinn and Dad go shopping. Pat thinks he is just going for companionship. He soon realizes that he is doing all of the shopping, while Quinn fills the cart with sunscreen and dad is restocking the depleting sunscreen shelf.

April 16, 2009

More Disney

Flipping through a song book, we see a scene from sleeping beauty. Quinn says "pullup" as she is one of the princesses featured on them.

We also saw act one of beauty and the beast at miller tonight. She loves singing and dancing


Quinn stood next to her growth chart, and said "tall." this is nothing new. I put my hand on her head and tell her to step away. She turns around and says "two nine." This is exactly where my hand was. Two feet nine inches. Sabrina and I looked at each other to see if the other would claim responsibiility for the knowledge. Neither of us had told her that before. Wow.


Yesterday, after a long day of teaching, quinn gives me a huge hug when I get home. What a great feeling!

April 13, 2009

Gross tolerances

Babies certainly help you identify your tolerances. For example, mom just learned that putting a tortilla chip in water and drinking from that same glass is past her tolerance level. Didn't phase dad at all.

Build your own taco mess?

Parental dilemia.. When do you assert your own taco building knowledge? Another great dinner out.

Dress up

What is that cute shirt? Quinn must try on the shirt that was her aunt Mandy's before anything else after school today. But that is not for playing in the sandbox... Lucky mom can convince Quinn to change.

April 12, 2009

Fear and dread

Nothing says fear and dread better then a flight scheduled for naptime getting delayed by over an hour


2 days and only did fantasyland. Rode the carousel 9 times, tea cups twice, casey jr train, canal rides, pinocchio ride, park train, rockets, dumbo, and it's a small world.

Danced at downtown Disney several times.

Met Mickey, Minney, and Goofy.

Saw the fireworks show.

Spent the days with mom and dad, tia
Mandy and Todd.

What a great trip!

April 09, 2009

Amusement park

Flew all the way to Disneyland to ride the escalators 12 times.

Plane riding

There should be good child awards for plane rides.... And well prepared daddy flying solo awards. Not sure we would have won, but we'd have got honorable mention.

April 08, 2009

Wow more sentences

Quinn says "tissue".
I hand her a napkin.
She then says "that's paper towel, I need a tissue"

Not a joke!

April 07, 2009

Crueler then Cruel continued

Drat! She fell asleep from 9am - 12:30pm. That was supposed to be my time this morning to go back to sleep! Man I wanted those extra hours.

Crueler then Cruel

Whats crueler then cruel?

When you are AWAKE at 4:45 - not I accidentally woke up and need help going back to sleep, but awake and lets go

What's crueler then that?
When the first thing that you should do is read (not in the comfy rocking chair in the dark, but on the sofa with the lights on)

What's cruler then that?
The book that is selected is a song book (with upbeat songs, not lullabyes)

Are you remembering that it is 4:45 AM!

Where did this morning person come from?

Sense of Humor

Quinn has started saying "I'm funny" when she does something silly (or that she thinks is silly). Obviously her teachers tell her this alot.

April 06, 2009

Teachers Comments

Alaina, Quinn's teacher, has said that her daughter, Brooke, who is now 6 - was very much like Quinn. Independent, vocal, sharp, smart, etc.

So Brooke has identified this herself and has said that "Quinn is not like the other children, she's like me."


At the toy store, with the toy cash register, Quinn was obsessed with the toy money. How is that possible? Her parents hardly ever have cash and we pay for EVERYTHING with credit cards. Where did this come from? I ended up buying a pack of the money so that we could continue playing at home.


We told Quinn that we were heading to the airport because Mom was going to California for a conference. She said, "airplane". Obviously already knows that airplanes are at the airport.

April 04, 2009

Taking turns

School has done great things for her social interactions. She is great at waiting her turn (after we pull her back from cutting in line). She also declares "Quinn's turn" as we approach the desired entertainment ( carousel )

April 02, 2009

Monday Night with Tsz!!

A note from Tsz Wong - Quinn's favorite Rice Lovett sophomore... "I forgot to mention yesterday but when Quinn and I went through the library, she ran into the "window". You know the entrance that faces the Pavilion? There are two doors with a panel of glass in the middle. She was ready to go outside and didn't realize that the middle panel was glass. Before I could stop her, she ran into it and then looked at me to see how she should react since she was confused ("I thought this was an opening... why can't I get through... etc"). I was cracking up really hard so she also laughed and we left the library in giggles."

Spanish techer!

Quinn can teach you Spanish any time, she can take you to El CARRUSEL and ride EL CABALLO, LA CEBRA, EL LEON y EL TIGRE. She is not only Grace friend but her Spanish teacher too. Very cute pair!

April 01, 2009

A seat??

Loosing her balance, while getting Zoe her doggie biscuit (AKA cookie), Quinn sits in Zoe's water dish. "Why is my butt wet while I site here?" she ponders. Then an abrupt stand, attempted cry, then mostly giggle. "Wait, now I am cold!" C'est la vie!