June 29, 2009

Pappy needs a buckle

Quinn proclaims repeatedly until pappy fastens his seat belt. Mom says he's from a different generation.

June 28, 2009

"This is good!"

"This is good!" exclaims Quinn after having her first lollipop. (it was a chocolate dum dum that was in the party favors from Carmella's party.)

June 27, 2009


Most adults probably have missed the incredibly liberating experience of proudly announcing that "daddy is going to go to the potty" in a house of crowded guests.

Jumping into the pool

The new routine for jumping is
1. Quinn must say "are you ready"
2. We must respond, "yes we are ready"
3. Then we count to three
4. Then we jump (hopefully with both feet)

We loved practicing this in the splash park in waynesburg, pa today. We jumped in from the side of the pool at least 15 times today.

It is too bad that it was quite chilly when we were out of the water. Her teeth were chatteing.


So I just Quinn in her lightweight pjs, which was a mistake. Because with the fan and the cool summer nights, it got quite cold. Quinn woke up in the middle of the night (we were too tired to see what time), freezing. So we put her between us to warm her up. Quinn slept great, till 8:00 actually (that is very late for her). Pam was on edge patrol, so no sleep for her. Daddy had the wall sliver, so no sleep for me. Kids take up a crazy amount of room at night!

Lightning bugs

We kept Quinn up extra late so that she could see fireflys. I caught one for her. Dad was certainly more excitedby it then Quinn was. She kept telling it to fly away.

June 26, 2009

Merry go round

Quinn was introduced to the merry go round on a playground today. She loves spinning fast!

June 21, 2009

Fathers day weekend

What a great weekend at the lake! Friday we started cleaning out some old books. Came across Bill Cosby's Fatherhood book... Absolutely hilarious. Then Saturday, against all precedence, she calls for me instead of mom. Then we Pam gets her, she actually drags me out of bed, although I really did have a preference to sleep. We spend all day on the boat and del lago water park pool. Then we had a sunset cruise. Still waiting until she can actually stay awake long enough to see stars. Did some skiing, played a board game... Then on Sunday she even slept in till 7:15. Great weekend.

June 19, 2009

More gymnastics

Gymnastics and Quinn - what a combination. She headed straight for the low bar. She put her hands on, swung her feet up to the bar and hung upside down for what seemed a very long time! She doesn't like to be helped-hands on- but if she's shown what to do she'll try it.

She waited patiently for her turn on the trampoline; jumped across it and sat down to wait again. But then she made sure she had another quick turn before it was really her turn.

I asked if she had fun and she gave me a big smile and a big hug!

June 17, 2009

4 pees and 1 poop in the pot

Just a little tallying of todays successes

June 15, 2009

How to read a book

So we've always read books to Quinn with her on our lap. I tried reading her a book while she sat on the potty... so the book was facing her, not me... She corrected me and said "read this way", turning the book around for me. When I turned it back to face her she again corrected me, and turned the book around for me.

June 14, 2009

Potty Training Milestones

Last night, Quinn totally initiated a "I have to poop" with full agreement to go to the potty. We had to convince her to keep waiting a little bit longer before getting up... but we did end up pooping in the potty.

Everybody danced a victory dance and a gleefull, "I pooped in the potty" was heard through the land.

Talking example...

Just to make note of her current vocabulary. As I was putting her to sleep last night, I was about 80% of the way through her goodnight song.... she sits up and says "nightlight off. Please turn on." I plug in the nightlight and finish the song and she is asleep.

June 06, 2009


In the pool, I showed Quinn how to do a handstand in the pool. She said "Quinn do" and sat on the top step and put her legs straight in the air in a pike. It was very cute.


So after being gone for a week, quinn's hair was longer, she was talking way more, and had looked like she grown. She greeted me with a warm hug and wanted to sit in my lap. Then after about 5 minutes she was done and didn't want me around any more


At the lake we were playing with dominos. Quinn says "dom-ee-o"