September 02, 2014

Quinn's Quick thinking

So we had a playdate with Kiernan and Layla. Layla is about 20 month old. We were out by the pool eating dinner, and Quinn happened to swing the pool gate open really quickly, nearly hitting Layla. So we cautioned Quinn to be careful and close the door slowly.

Later that evening, Quinn was really excited to head to the pool, but the parents weren't ready. She had opened the gate, ready to run out, and we told her to close it. She wasn't listening, so we started the countdown from 5 for her to close the gate. We got all the way to zero and the gate wasn't all the way closed.

As I went up to her to extract her from the activities and send her to bed, she said, in the softest voice, that she was closing the door slowly like we had asked. She's got some quick thinking skills going on.

Swimming at Popo's

Quinn and Brock came swimming at my complex. I explained that you had to be 16 to be able to go to the pool without an adult.  Quinn says, ” If you have a one year old and a six year old, would that work?”  Always thinking outside the box.  What a kid!