October 31, 2010


Not sure what Quinn likes more: the door to door candy solicitation or actually handing out the goods to the kids who come to the door

October 19, 2010

Wonderful evening

There was Associates Night at Weiss college tonight, and Quinn and I went while Pam was at class. Quinn to GREAT! She was very appropriate all through dinner. Ate all of her sausage (bratwurst) and even got to have some ice cream. She enjoyed the German band, and even danced to a couple of polkas. It took her a long time to warm up to the partner folk dancing part (slap your legs, clap your hands, paddy-cake with partner stuff).

Then we jumped on the trampoline and went off to dance class. Quinn sat very quietly drinking a chai freeze and playing iphone games for at least 25 minutes before even attempting to bother us. Then, as instructed, she waited for the music to start before coming to talk to us. Around 9:15 (45 minutes after bedtime) she was more and more needy, but overall - I think we can call it a successful night of teaching with Quinn there.

Yeah! There is hope!

October 18, 2010

Ren fest 2010

Had a great time. Quinn loved the bungee trampoline, the elephant rides and trying to wear Adrian's (a class friend) purple fairy wings (here year old pink ones were clearly inferior).

I was really proud of her when she went up to one particularly well dresses fairy (actually we think it was a guy) and complimented her wings. She replied in sign language. So I told Quinn to ask for "dragon tears" (the gift then fairies give --come on people, catch up here :)) in sign language. She used her please and thank you in sign. The fairy was impressed and gave her a necklace. :)

I did have to teach her a lesson about teasing. Adrian was done with the wings for a moment, and Quinn went to put them on. Adrian would gave cared less, except for Quinn saying "I have the purple wings now" to Adrian... So I made her take them off and give them back to her. Lots of necessary crying ensued.

I also particularly like that she loved to dance to all of the music. Esp when there were belly dancers or gypsies... She would try to copy them.

October 16, 2010

Sisterly manners

"PLEASE GO AWAY!" said Quinn to Brock. I think that is a promising sign.

October 11, 2010


After tonight's bath, we twisted and curled quinn's hair... Hopefully this makes tomorrow morning for picture day easier

Argh... Food battles

Made a dinner with ham, bacon rice, and easily extractable black eyed peas.

Quinn was screaming that she didn't want it even before she saw it or even heard about it. Major meltdown.

I made sure to segregate her food and while still crying, she ate all of the ham and bacon and most of the rice....

This phase is so frustrating... I can't wait for her to realize that I choose foods that I think that she'll eat.

October 08, 2010


Picnic, playgrounds and free outdoor movie.... What a fantastic Friday night... Plus the movie was kinda dim and hard to see and sitting next to our best friend Collin, made for a very non-scary movie. Yea!

October 04, 2010

First? Deliborate disobeying

I told Quinn not to go into the womans restroom because I couldn't go with her... But there was nobody in the men's... And I could wait outside... She said no and ran into the womens...

When she came out, I told her , as a consequence, that she was going to ask for something and I would say no... No ice cream tonight (although it would have been a remote possibility anyways :)