April 22, 2010

All day with Quinn - twice!

Drew emailed a couple of weeks ago asking if I could babysit both kids 2 days this week. I responded: " Are you CRAZY!" Both kids, all day?! " I thought not! So they found a place to put Brock and I took on Quinn for Tuesday and Thursday. May I say she was an absolute pleasure both days, the entire time! What a cutie patootie!

On Tuesday we met Bennett and Ooma (Barbara Aaron) at Miller Outdoor Theater to see the Three Little Pigs. Had a picnic outside (it was a cool, fabulous day!), ran up the hill, and rode the train. Quinn fell asleep in the car on the way home and I managed to take a 45 minute nap in the car in the carport waiting for her to wake up. :-) We had a tea party inside and fed the birds outside. It was a thoroughly delightful day.

Since Tuesday was such a success, we met up with Bennett and Ooma again on Thursday at music class, then went on to a park to play. Quinn & I then visited Beverly (Drew's nanny), had a picnic on Heights Boulevard, visited Arts Alive so Quinn could see where Popo works, then had another successful nap experience on the way home. More tea party, including baking some real cookies, followed by watering the plants in front of the house.

The nice thing - I was not totally worn out after either day. Go Popo!

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