July 31, 2011

That's just for decoration

Quinn scraped her right arm just on the back of the armpit today. I told her to crawl into bed, as I didn't want to pick her up - so as not to hurt her. She said you can pick me up from this arm (left), this arm (right) is just for decoration.

So cute!

(BTW Pam later informed me that while teaching follows to dance, that she often refers to the right arm as decoration... the jury is out if that is where Quinn got it from, or if it was just a cute recognition that she was unable to use her arm, like decorations are just to look at).

July 26, 2011


So from the girl who lives "pink"... pink clothes, pink room, pink everything - doesn't like pink milk (made from Berry Berry Kix)

July 25, 2011


Quinn skied 1/2 of the cove all by herself today

July 23, 2011

Here's your hat, what's your hurry?

Several of my friends came over to Pam & Drew's house to 1) see Mandy (who was visiting from San Diego), 2) see Pam & Drew's house (hadn't seen it since they moved in) and 3) see Quinn and Brock (hadn't seen them since Brock was very little). Mary Beth was going to the dog show after the visit, so she brought her 4 year old grand daughter Annabelle with her. The girls right away played dress up and had a good time together. However, at some point Annabelle didn't share as quickly as Quinn thought she should. So Quinn said, ever so politely, "Isn't it time for you to go to the dog show?" and she ran to her room and brought back Annabelle's clothes. I thought that was a brilliant strategy Quinn had for handling the situation!

July 19, 2011


Quinn was quite happy with herself for slyly putting on mom's deodorant - even though we told her not to. After scolding her and explaining that she was too young for deodorant and that it might hurt her skin... her underarm started hurting (I'm pretty sure mostly psychological) - so we took a shower to wash it off.

After much crying, I'm pretty sure that she won't do that again.

July 16, 2011

4th birthday party

We had our rock star performer party today... All if the kids dressed in costume, got pix by Dan Mohr for the cup favors, Janet lead the Arts Alive part, and everyone iced their own cupcakes.

Then we got Quinn a new bed that has a bunk play space. It was a lot of effort to get here, but she loves it. We also got her skates, but in retrospect, I think that might be a year too early. And clearly the lilac nail polish was a hit. (For historical documentation sake, when Quinn was two, we said she could paint her fingernails when she was four- so this was a major milestone in her mind)

Playful roughhousing

After a little playful roughhousing, Brock accidentally gave Quinn a bloody nose for her 4th birthday.

July 04, 2011

Counting money

Quinn was over counting coins. We put the quarters in stacks. We had five stacks. I asked her how many stacks she had and she replied, "Four." I looked at her funny and she explained, "These 4 are my stacks. That one is yours."

Continuing on, we spread all the coins out to count them. I suggested we put them in lines so it would be easier to keep track of the coins she had counted. She said, "Or you can just pick them up as I count them."

I've been out thunk by a not quite 4 year old. Sigh.

July 03, 2011

Pgh Trip continued

The kids had a great time in DC. Quinn pretended that Samantha was her sister while they were doing cartwheels on the grass. Nathan was a huge help pushing the stroller and helping everyone climb.

What does Quinn remember most? The fact that she got gummy's and a lollipop on the plane home (she did a fantastic job on the plane).