December 31, 2009

Nothing worse then a calm yet upset parent

Quinn decided to intentionally pee in her panties tonight. She lifted her dress, sat on the potty and announced that she was going to pee in her panties...then she did. I said that was not okay and I was upset with her.

I read her her two stories and sang her the two songs, then told her that I loved her but I wasn't going to stay tonight because she intentionally peed in her panties.

She of course cried about this... But I still left. Shortly she came out of her room crying. I, waiting at the door, caught her, gave her a big hug, a drink of water, laid her back down, and repeated that I loved her but wasn't staying.

This went on about a dozen more times. I finally told her I would stay, if she could tell me why I was upset. She said sobbing, "because I peed in my panties."

I said no, it is okay to pee in your panties if it is an accident and you didn't mean to, but it is not okay to knowingly pee in them.

I stayed for 5 minutes.... She was asleep in 2.

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