December 13, 2009

Baking at Popo's

Quinn slept over Friday night. She helped me prepare Sunday night's Chanukah dinner. Our rugelach making was a huge success...if you discount the way they look! :-) Quinn was a delight to cook with. She helped crack the eggs and put them in the bowl (only 2 little shells escaped); she pounded and rolled the nuts to break them up; she measured (with my help!) the cinnamon & sugar and dumped them in the bowl; she sprinkled (poured) the ingredients on to the dough. Lora (from water aerobics) had given her an apron/mitt/potholder set when Quinn was born. This was the first time for her to use the items. Darn! I forgot to take pictures! Hard to do when your fingers are a mess. At any rate, we had a wonderful evening - a great way to fill the time. Too bad the "tasting" gave her something of a sugar high and she didn't get to sleep till 10:00 PM!!! Plus, the half hour in the refrigerator for the dough to set turned into overnight. Not sure if that's why the yummies tasted great but were sad to look at!

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