December 30, 2009

First Night

Quinn was quite concerned about Brock when she heard him crying at 4am. She promptly came down to our room to see what the matter was. I told her that he was just hungry and needed to get some milk from Mommy.

When taking her back to her room, she claimed that she was hungry too and wanted "something".... (that elusive something.... If I haven't posted about it yet, Quinn's way of saything that she is hungry is that she "needs something")

I told her that she could have some water or some grapes (trying hard not to accidentally introduce a late night feeding for her).... but she just kept on crying.

It took the special sleep-on-the-floor-with-daddy distraction to successfully escape the late night feeding / breakdown (Yea daddy... so many birds with one stone. Dad gets sleep, Quinn goes back to sleep, Brock gets to focus on eating, Mom doesn't have to deal with Quinn, and presumably no accidental parenting :))

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