April 03, 2013

Discovery Learning works!

Yesterday we went to fly kites in the driveway - ala run really fast and have a piece of paper on a string not be on the ground. Quinn went out barefoot, and after a couple of laps, said that her feet were hurting. I asked her what her options were, and she said that we could sweep the driveway.

"Ok", I said, "but can you think of any other options, maybe any that might be faster?"

She said, that "that [putting on shoes] takes too much time."

So while I mentioned that I disagreed with her, we went to the garage to get the brooms.

The kids happily swept the driveway, and Brock and I had a great time of chase and choo-choo trains and singing Mary Poppins.

Quinn had made it through 3 sidewalk squares, when she went back inside, got her shoes and joined us in our games.

I believe I got my point across, AND Quinn got to be right.

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