March 27, 2013

Well Duh Food Experiment #1: What is the best tasting shape pasta

So in an ongoing effort to increase the diversity of the food that Quinn eats, we did an experiment yesterday.

I cooked five types of pasta, all from the same brand. The goal was to determine which pasta shape tasted the best.

We had rotini, bowtie, penne, elbow, and linguini.

We guessed and proved that they would / did all taste the same.

She even surmised that the reason was they were all from the same materials (ingredients).

We further gathered that adding a meatball to the top pasta, that the meatball was still good.
Going further we buried the meatball in the pasta, that was still good too.
The final step, was we cut up and buried the meatball in the pasta, that was still good.

The experiment fell apart when we mentally tried to substitute the meatball with chicken. Apparently chicken buried in pasta is no-good.

But the chicken results are inconclusive, as we had reached our attention span for the experiment.

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