October 17, 2012

Reading and Math

Quinn is doing a fantastic job reading. She is able to cover the high frequency words very quickly and can usually read about 50% of a page easily. If she takes her time she can usually sound out the words she doesn't know, but sometimes she is in a hurry and guesses. Her guesses are usually not even close.
Overall though, she'll be reading and I'll just be watching her in amazement, with some internal kvelling.

On the math front, she is able to figure out all of the combinations to get to a value. For example she has 5 stars left to get to a prize at school. Stars can be earned in 1 (ready to learn) , 2 (Great), 3 (Amazing) increments. She has figured out that she needs 1 amazing + 1 great, 1 amazing + 2 ready-s, 2 greats + 1 ready, 5 ready-s to get to her prize. I think that is pretty cool.

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