October 17, 2012

Jobs: Geneticist, Bicycle Repair, Electrician, Cartographer

As a geneticist we watched movies about DNA, made DNA out of pipe cleaners, and did a study on the diversity of mommy cookies (with chocolate chips), daddy cookies (with m&ms) and kid cookies (mixed together)

As a bicylce repair person, Quinn helped assemble her new bike, put air in all of the tires, discovered grease and that it doesn't come off easily, and learned about gears

As an electrician, Quinn learned about the breaker box, helped install a fan light, helped install a remote for the garage, and we studied light bulbs and the differences between incandescent and flourescent

As a cartographer, we looked at a story book about maps (kinda) and will hopefully draw a map of something (either from our house to school, or her bedroom, or something like that)

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