July 23, 2011

Here's your hat, what's your hurry?

Several of my friends came over to Pam & Drew's house to 1) see Mandy (who was visiting from San Diego), 2) see Pam & Drew's house (hadn't seen it since they moved in) and 3) see Quinn and Brock (hadn't seen them since Brock was very little). Mary Beth was going to the dog show after the visit, so she brought her 4 year old grand daughter Annabelle with her. The girls right away played dress up and had a good time together. However, at some point Annabelle didn't share as quickly as Quinn thought she should. So Quinn said, ever so politely, "Isn't it time for you to go to the dog show?" and she ran to her room and brought back Annabelle's clothes. I thought that was a brilliant strategy Quinn had for handling the situation!

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