October 09, 2011


Quinn was talking about fire safety at school and asked us what our fireplan is. So we talked to her about what we would do in case of a fire. It is interesting to watch a really good problem solver grapple with these ideas. We told Quinn, if she couldn't get to mommy and daddy safely, it would be okay to go out her window. Then she said, she doesn't know how to open the window, and we said that in a fire, she could break her window if she couldn't get it open, even if we showed her how to open it. We gave her permission to break the rules, if it meant keeping her safe. She seemed to agree.... and after she got to our neighbors house and made sure that 911 was called, she would call Abbycadaby from Sesame Street to come and fix the broken window.  I love the partial real world that she can live in :)

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