March 30, 2014


Quinn's first time tent camping was today at the Kolter campout.

We (Q and Daddy) slept in the Kolter Elementary prairie in a 4 person tent we borrowed from friend Lisa Livingston.

We slept adjacent to her "best buddy" Lucy, whose dad happens to snore. Next time we will leave much more space between our neighbors.

Q loved that the tent had a ceiling window and we were literally sleeping under the stars. The look she gave me before falling asleep, makes it all worth it!

She had no prob falling asleep, even though the temp dropped to 53 degrees by 1 am.

We were decently prepared, though I should have opted for the full air mattress, instead of just the camping pads. I'm glad that there was pizza, goldfish, ice cream, water and lemonade provided.

I even saw a wild animal :-). Apparently there is a stray cat that lives on our near campus. :-)

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