July 19, 2013

Quinn's 6th Sea Creature birthday party

Quinn's 6th Sea Creature pool party was a huge success... personally I think it was all of the details that we went to

  • Poseidon's obstacle course
  • Sea creature splash bowling
    • recycled bottles, filled with a little bit of sand, with cute sea creatures adhered to the front and back with packing tape
    • Knock them over with splash bombs
  • Splash buckets with sponges
  • Paint a fence with water
  • Soak a ship, using melting corn starch peanuts
  • Kiddie pool
  • Water table
  • Bubbles
  • Mermaid and sharkfin towels as favors
  • Food
    • octopus hot dogs
    • dolphin banana's (split the stem end, add a grape and draw an eye)
    • Oysters (jumbo pasta shells, with meatballs )
    • Cake
      • 2 dozen cupcakes painted to look like water
      • Octopus cupcake - dum dum + gummy worms
      • Jellyfish cupcake - smushed gum drop + gummy worms
      • Small fish cupcake - swedish fish
      • shark cupcake - gum drop crescents
      • large fish cupcake - skittles for scales, Rips for tales

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