May 11, 2013

Jobs this year

I've been behind at keeping up with Quinn's Jobs.

Here is a quick rundown for the year to date

2/23/13 - Librarian. Quinn categorized and organized all of her books. Age appropriate books were given to Brock, and Quinn came up with a system for finding the books on her shelf. She even created a (short lived) system, where Brock could check out books from her room.

3/5/13  - Computer Programmer. We tried to animate a flower. Quinn expected that you could draw a seed and press "go" and it would become a flower. (Sounds like some of my clients). She didn't realize that you had to draw the seed, the sprout, the seedling, the little flower, and the big flower. We lost interest before we could finish. Sigh

4/2/13 - Chef. Quinn choose the recipe and chopped all of the veggies for it. She even got to use the big chef's knife all by herself. She also made a birthday cake for Popo, all by herself, minus actually putting it in the oven.

4/20/13- Plant Operator. This one was great. She had the opportunity to spend the day with Ms Brown, Kolter's Plant Operator. Quinn got to unlock the playground gate for her friends, turn on the lights for the teachers, go into special places that no students are allowed, and replace the paper towels.

4/27/13 - Shelf Builder. Due to a power outage - refrigerator cleaning - utility room organizing, we removed a built in ironing board and added shelves for the kids paints. Quinn helped build the shelves. Mommy had her out in the garage, wearing a bright yellow swimming mask as safety goggles, helping cut strips of wood with the radial saw. Quinn did most of the drilling and screwing to get the shelves in place too.

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