May 16, 2012

Job 1: Picture Framer

Quinn's first allowance job was a picture framer.

  • We looked at many different pictures around the house. 
  • She identified that some were thick, and some thin. 
  • Some were decorated and some plain
  • Some had different color borders. We learned that these were called mattes
  • We also noticed that the corners of the frames had diagonals. 
  • Quinn drew a photo and then drew a matte and frame around it, making sure to add the diagonals in the corners
  • We visited a picture framer shop and got to choose several frames (pink and purple). Then we choose several mattes (green and orange). 
  • We talked about how the frames and mattes should be choosen with the photo in mind, so that they bring out certain colors from the picture. 
  • We also discovered that some frames are deeper, to allow for things like baseballs and bats to be framed. 
She was neutral about this career

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