October 23, 2009

Arts Alive with Janet

Last night, while Pam & Drew were at a meeting, I shared an Arts Alive experience with Quinn. How fun was that?! Quinn will often observe first, swiveling her head, taking in as much as she can, watching the other kids to see what they do. This lasted just a very short while because she was so drawn into the magic that Janet created for "Pajama Party". She put on her purple pretend pajamas and proceeded to dance with her teddy bear. She learned to do the "freeze" dance, to throw the pizza dough into the air before baking it, to pop like popcorn (that was easy since she jumps all the time anyway), and to draw with streamers. She even pretended to go to sleep, something she's avoided in the past. She warmed up to Janet right away and had to get her attention many times as she shared, with great enthusiasm, "I have on black", "I have on pink ballet shoes", "I have on stripes", in response to what Janet was saying. By the end of the evening Quinn was clinging to Janet's leg like a cat on catnip! It was fun being able to see the magic of Arts Alive through the eyes of a little one.

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